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Hello & Welcome to My #NewBlog! of Books, Art, Poetry & Peacocks! #MPBooks

Hello everyone! 😀  This is my new blog and my first ever blog post here!!!

I’m so excited and so is ‘Phoenix’ the Peacock!

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‘Oh yes I’m very excited too!’

I hope you’ll all want to stick around and check out my blog, even give it a follow if you like 🙂

What is this blog about?

Well it’s an easy question to answer:

Books, Art, Poetry & Peacocks!

But this blog’s going to be more than just that….  I love, LOVE my books so expect lots of book posts, reviews, hauls and other related stuff.

I also love art and have always been arty, my newest passion being colouring books so apart from the occasional art work I’ll share some colouring pics or something cool like that.

I’m an author and a writer of some unpublished work.  I love writing anything from short stories, to poetry and I’m even working on a novel right now.  I also do a fair bit of journalism (the newspaper kind – not the diary kind) so I might just write about…well…anything really 🙂

I’m also CRAZY about peacocks!!!!  Other animals too but peacocks are so beautiful and so amazing so I might just post a few peacock things too 😀

Of course I’m a deeper person that that and will have lots of other things on this blog besides including a lot of inspirational things and maybe some other fun stuff too!

Phoenix the Peacock?
Image of My Peacock Books logo
Phoenix the Peacock


Remember me mentioning Phoenix the Peacock?  Well he’s the official mascot (if you like) of My Peacock Books 🙂 .   All posts are checked and vetted by him before they’re published so I hope you’ll get to know and like Phoenix and his occasional popping up in posts 🙂  Why is a peacock called Phoenix?  Find out in my About page 😀

Why start this blog?

That’s easy but also a tough question to answer for me.  I’m not a first time blogger.  I started a blog in the past, I didn’t like it and had some bad experiences with it (I might talk more about that in the future) so I decided to start again with this blog and fingers crossed that people will love it as much as I’ve loved putting it all together.

I can’t wait to share a bunch of blog posts with everyone.  Although my blog’s firmly about Books, Art, Poetry & Peacocks I want it to be more than that.  My little corner of the web where I can share a bit of myself with all of you, some inspiring things as well as my own silly sense of humour and opinion of things 🙂   I’m not sure how I’ll go about it yet.  I don’t know if I’ll stick to a schedule or not.  I’ll probably start off slow and maybe try to do a weekly #MondayMotivation post (I love inspirational posts, quotes, etc.).   Let’s see how that goes.  But whatever happens I hope to get to know you all and I hope you’ll all want to get to know me too 🙂

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Phoenix the Peacock's waiting to hear what you think!

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