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Happy #Easter! Sunday SumUp #MPBooks

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I’d like to say Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates the day whether religious or not I hope it is a good day for you, as I hope every day is ❤   I’d like to do a sum-up of this, my first week of blogging here but first here’s a special Easter picture to make you smile 🙂

Easter bunny with eggs
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Well, it’s been just over a week since I started this blog and wow I am touched and amazed to have so many of you wonderful people follow me or like my posts already.  I really appreciate you and want to get to know you all as I hope you’ll like to get to know me 🙂  I didn’t manage to get posts out every day this week even though I’d planned to because I got ill on Thursday night with a horrible bug which kept me in bed for a few days 😦  But I’m all better now and hope to continue blogging as often as I can 🙂

I’ll have a new #MondayMotivation post for you tomorrow.  It’s the one thing I’d like to keep regularly blogging every week.  I’ll also be adding some book reviews.  I have some kids books to show you, complete with pictures but I also have some adult and YA books and I’m currently reading this which is no. 1 book at the moment…

'The Hate U Give' book cover
The UK book cover

 I’m really excited reading this book, given what it’s about, the amazing reviews it’s already received and the fact it’s going to be turned into a movie!  Expect that review later this week!

I’m also going to add some other posts too.  Some colouring, poetry and maybe just my own ramblings and stuff.  I know I sound vague when it comes to the content of my blog but after running a blog which was all about book reviews (I might elaborate more on this in the future 😉 ) I like to do my own thing and it’s nice to share more of myself than just my reviews.  I hope you’ll all want to stick around and read, at least some, of what I write.

Thank you again for all the likes and follows and to everyone who took the time to see this blog.  You can follow me (and Phoenix the Peacock) in other places too 😀  Happy Easter and I hope you all have a great week!

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