#Poetry: Heart’s True Healer #MPBooks

A special poem (and cute picture) for National Poetry Month!

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I’m not sure if it’s National Poetry Month in the UK, but I’ll use any excuse to help show off some poetry 😀

Heart’s True Healer

The day I saw you sitting there,
I knew it in my heart.
Your eyes revealed all your care,
It finally could start.
Your smille, the sound you always made,
The way you would just be.
You gave my soul its own band aid,
Let all the bad go free.
I never thought such short a time,
It’d take to mend the hurt.
For me out of bad thoughts I’d climb,
For myself to revert.
And now the pain is at an end,
I’m where I used to be.
You’re more than just to me a friend,
You are now family.

Any thoughts please do comment 🙂

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