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#Colouring #BookReview: Chroma-Therapy A Walk in Nature #MPBooks

Chroma-therapy book cover
Chroma-Therapy: A Walk in Nature

Title: Chroma-Therapy: A Walk in Nature

Author/Illustrator: Christopher D. King

Publisher: Austin Macauley

Genre: Colouring

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My Review:  This is a lovely colouring book especially for using with a mixture of media.  At around A4 in size and the rough thickness of a typical Millie Marotta or Johanna Basford colouring book, ‘A Walk in Nature’ has a lot of pages to colour.  Each page is crisp white with a contrast of very dark black line work and the designs in this book range from being printed on one side of the page or some images are double page spreads.  All the pages are printed on both sides of the paper but each page is so thick that the paper is more like thin card than actual paper.

An example of a double page spread image to colour

The designs in this book are different to many colouring books I’ve had but have a unique feel to them.  The start of the book has a great introduction from the author with a few first pages left blank as tester pages, which are great if you’re worried whether the paper can take various inks and pens.  You can practice on these tester pages rather than spoiling one of the designs inside.  After that there is a large selection of rather random images to colour in.


The name of the book is ‘A Walk in Nature’ and so almost all the designs feature some form of plants or animals.  The designs are really random from things like crocodiles, gorillas and a peacock to some puppies and even a person and just random shapes.  There’s a guide at the back of the book with stars showing how difficult a picture is to colour in, the difficulty being how complicated each design is.  There are simple and easy to colour in ones and some very complex ones like the peacock.
Along with the fun images to colour in is a little fun sort of treasure hunt.  Hidden among the different images are some creatures which can be a fun added extra to this book.

A complex peacock along a simpler design 🙂

I’ve mentioned the pages are really thick, more like card than paper and because of this I’m confident that pens can be used on the pages without leaking through to the other side.  I’ve only used felt pens but the paper is so thick and tough that I think even watercolour pencils, with a tiny touch of water (the way you’re supposed to use them) might even work and it’s something I plan to try next.

Gorilla images! Scroll down for a larger image of the gorilla

Overall this is a really lovely colouring book although some people may not like such thick black lines for the designs.  I’ve enjoyed colouring in some of the designs in this and the gorilla image I’ve added uses a mixture of both colouring pencils and felt pens.  The only negative I have with this book is the fact that although the designs don’t reach deep into the spine, it is difficult to open up the book completely.  I usually ‘crack’ the spine of my colouring books so they open up as flat as possible but this book has a tendency to close back at the spine so colouring anything nearer the spine is harder as the page curves up away from the table I do this on.  However this is only a small negative and not enough for me to drop a feather.
-Thanks to Austin Macauley for a free copy.

Coloured in image of the gorilla from Chroma-therapy A Walk in Nature
My own colouring in a range of pencils and felt pens 🙂


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