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#MondayMotivation #Poetry: Remember Yourself #MPBooks

A love myself note
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Loving yourself is very important.  While those with depression and self esteem problems may find this difficult – believe me I’ve been there and understand that dark place only too well! – it is important to remember that we have to learn to love ourselves.  If you can’t love, then begin to like yourself first.  It’s a long process but with time and maybe help and support we can all get there.  Hope you enjoy the poem ❤ ❤

Remember Yourself

Remember kindness, remember joy,
Remember to love yourself,
For when you feel true care inside,
There is no better wealth.

Remember happiness, remember glee,
Remember to always leave,
Love inside your heart for you,
A love no-one can theive.

Remember the feeling, remember the day,
Remind yourself when you feel,
Only when you care for you,
Will you be able to heal.

Remember when you follow the truth,
To love others and love you,
You radiate peace.  Radiate life.
Future no longer blue.

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