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#BookHaul: Austin Macauley May 2017 #MPBooks

It’s the end of May and check out this beautiful book haul I was sent from the lovely people at publisher Austin Macauley.  Three beautiful new books complete with complimentary bookmarks! 🙂 🙂

Details of the books below.  Let me know if any books interest you, or any particular reviews you’re looking forward to?  If you follow me on Instagram I also take some alternate pics of my book hauls (not sure how good the pics are tho :/ )

Two wonderful fiction books with teasers of others on bookmarks and a postcard! 😀

The Rise of Global by Donna L. Jones – ONE Language, ONE Version, ONE Vision; “ONE Global Law – accept it or be labelled!” Global – “super or killer language”? Apollos Popov has no doubt. He fears that Global will spread throughout the planet, like a disease eventually killing all Mother Tongues. He believes the spread of Global will usher in a new age of language superiority; a return to just one spoken tongue as in the days before Babel.  He is convinced that the consequences for all native languages would be catastrophic.  One man is responsible. The Rise of Global tells the story of that one man’s obsession to eradicate his true identity and replace it with a new one; one that will afford him power and status, one that will give him a new name – a name that all citizens will recognise as THE LAW…

The Pirate’s Children by Michael Lloyd – Eleanor Westerley is seventeen and lives with her aunt in seventeenth century England. Upon her aunt’s death she learns some startling information from the will. She decides to embark on a dangerous journey to the pirate-infested Caribbean in the ship which she has discovered belonged to her father, presumed dead. Leaving her estate in the capable hands of her trusted retainers, she takes her younger brothers and sister, who are all that remain of her family. Headstrong and impetuous, Eleanor engages Jack Crawford, the young captain she finds in a debtors’ prison, to command her ship. Together with the children, whose courage is tested to the limit, they face many life-threatening situations at a time when England is at war with Spain and France and on the high seas it is every man for himself.  This is an exciting adventure story written by a master maritime storyteller blending fact and fiction of the age of piracy for children and the young at heart of all ages.

A fun children’s picture book 🙂

Kancil the Mouse Deer by Marie McLisky – In the green Java Jungle, far far away, comes Kancil, the mouse deer, in the dim light of day,to roam through the forest, eating shrubs, shoots and leaves, in addition to fruits, which have fallen from trees.But Harimou the tiger is watching Kancil. Watching and waiting to pounce…

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