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#BookReview: Kancil The Mouse Deer by Marie McLisky #MPBooks

Kancil The Mouse Deer book coverTitle: Kancil The Mouse Deer

Author: Marie McLisky

Publisher: Austin Macauley

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

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Description: In the green Java Jungle, far far away,
comes Kancil, the mouse deer, in the dim light of day,
to roam through the forest, eating shrubs, shoots and leaves,
in addition to fruits, which have fallen from trees.

But Harimou the tiger is watching Kancil. Watching and waiting to pounce…

My Review:  I really love this book. ‘Kancil The Mouse Deer’ is a fun children’s picture book with great rhyming and some cute illustrations. The book is about A5 in size, I have the paperback version.

The story of Kancil (pronounced: can-chil) The Mouse Deer is a simple one and is actually based on a traditional folktale from Indonesia and Malaysia. Kancil is a cute little creature who spends time eating shrubs, leaves and fruit in the jungle, but Harimou the tiger is watching Kancil and pounces on him threatening to eat him. But Kancil is a clever mouse deer and manages to trick Harimou to escape.

Cute image along with some of the fun rhyming.

This book really reminds me of The Gruffalo! The whole story idea of cleverly escaping and outwitting the creature that wants to eat you by talking to them is the same but yet the way Kancil does this with Harimou is clever and different to The Gruffalo. The text is very simple and easy to read and also rhymes throughout which really makes this book much more fun.

There are some lovely colourful illustrations throughout the book on some lovely glossy, good quality, paper. The illustrations are on every page along with the text. I really do love the pictures they aren’t too complicated and yet still have quite a lot of detail in them. I like the pictures as they just look fun and cute and Kancil especially looks cute  when you see how small he is compared to Harimou.

Images of Harimou!

I think kids would enjoy this book and plenty of adults might enjoy reading it too (I did!). I think I am extra drawn to this tale because of the fact it is based on a folk tale and although the story in this is a bit short, it’s a lovely tale and I’d love to see more clever adventures of Kancil.

-Thanks to Austin Macauley for a free copy

(On a side note if do a search for mouse deer you’ll see how cute this creature is and how good the illustrations in this book really are!)

What do you think?  Do you find Kancil the Mouse Deer cute?  Would you want to read it?  Let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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