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#BookReview: No, Nancy, No! by Alice Tait #MPBooks

No, Nancy, No! book cover Title: No, Nancy, No!

Author/Illustrator: Alice Tait

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Children’s Flap Book

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Description: Watch out London, Nancy, coming!

At Buckingham Palace Nancy and Roger discover a lost teddy bear, and the chase is on across the sights of the city to find the children who dropped it!  But little Nancy just can’t help creating a spot of mischief along the way…

Help Nancy spot the children and discover the sights of London!  With flaps to lift, a fold-out map and plenty of surprises throughout, this is a wonderfully interactive story for the whole family.

My Review: This is a very fun flap book that children and I’m sure adults would love to look at. Nancy and her friend, Roger (the dog) spend a day in London sightseeing while trying to track down the two children who dropped their teddy bear. But Nancy can’t help but get up to some mischief while there, mischief that has Roger calling out “No, Nancy, No!”

The first page of the book.

The book is a hardback around A4 in size (a bit wider but a bit shorter) filled with thick glossy pages which show the story really well. Each page opens showing Nancy and Roger at a new location with lots of different details to see in the pictures. Each double page though has at least one flap which when turned shows what mischief Nancy gets up to.

An example of Nancy’s mischief!

The images are really fun. There’s a lot of detail in them and I found myself intrigued. At times it felt like looking at a ‘Where’s Wally?’ book, with so many different things to spot while reading along with the story. The illustrations are also fun as there are some recurring characters that show up in each double page.

Fun and detailed pictures with lots to see.

The story is predictable but also has a nice ending. Despite Nancy’s behaviour she does a good thing and although I guessed the ending of the tale some kids might not and it makes this a very fun book to read. I did enjoy this book when reading it and I think it has a real appeal for kids. The whole story is fun and the flaps are a real bonus, including a special ‘flap’ near the ending which I enjoyed but wasn’t prepared for. The book is also great as it really does a good job of showing off some of the London landmarks, something which could be extra fun for kids who might be visiting the capital.  Overall a really fun book which will really keep you entertained for a long time.

Fun flaps and still lots of detailed pictures.

-Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy.

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