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#BookReview: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: My Adventure Field Guide #MPBooks

We're Going on a Bear Hunt adventure field guide book coverTitle: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: My Adventure Field Guide

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Non-Fiction, Children’s Activity book

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Description: There are so many wonderful things to discover on a nature adventure!

From the changing weather, creep-crawlies or even animal tracks, this guide is packed full of field tips, nature activities and fun facts to think about on your journey.

My Review:  This clever and fun book is perfect for children who are interested and love to explore the outdoors. Using the characters and illustrations from the much loved ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’, this book is packed with facts and things to do for kids.

Images from ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ appear throughout.

The book is an average book size with semi-hardback covers which can be wiped clean on the outside. Inside the pages are very thick and filled with colourful illustrations and text. The book begins by suggesting what kids should pack in order to go on a nature hunt and then each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the adventure such as the sky, what can be found in the ground/soil and plants, etc. Each chapter has lots to discover and find and I’m surprised how educational the book is while being so fun. The chapter about the sky for example explains how rainbows are formed, the lunar cycle and how weather works and the various types of clouds.

Fun activities to do.

Each chapter is really informative (I even learned some things myself) while being very fun due to the way things are easily explained and the short sections of text with lots of illustrations in between. Although the book is called an ‘adventure field guide’ it covers what can be found in urban areas as well as more rural. There are also lots of fun things for kids to do such as creating bird feeders, worm farms and baking some bear feet cookies. And of course the book wouldn’t be complete without mentioning details of the different bears and the caves you could find them in.

Lots of interesting facts to read.

The back of the book has an easy to understand glossary for kids of the more complicated words they may not know such as ‘annelids’ and ‘deciduous’ and there’s also a brief section about climate change which fits well into this whole book. I would have loved this book when I was younger. It’s not only easy and fun to read due to all the pictures but also packed with fun things to discover and do. I think plenty of kids would love to read this book and the tie in with ‘Were going on a Bear Hunt’ is a fun bonus.
-Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy.

Do you like the look of this book?  Is it a book you would have wanted?  Let me know in the comments.  Check me out in other places around the web! 🙂

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