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Mid-July 2017 Round-up #MPBooks

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Okay so I don’t usually do a mid-month round-up and I’ll still do a proper one for July at the end of the month but I thought I’d give everyone a quick explanation of what’s been happening as I’m sure some of you have noticed my absence this past week.  It turns out my summer’s become very busy and my blogging and reading has taken a bit of a backseat while everything’s happening.   I’d like to first apologise for not visiting everyone’s blogs much recently, to those I follow I will do my best to catch up, I’ve just been so busy I’ve not yet had time to reply to messages but I will ❤

I’m still going to be blogging but for the next few weeks I might be a little on-off with how often I can get blog posts out.  I’ll be setting up posts by scheduling them to go up at 9am as often as I can.  That’s my usual time for posting a blog entry in case anyone likes to know.  However the occasional blog post might mistakenly be published at the wrong hour (like this one) if I hit the ‘publish’ rather than the ‘schedule’ button.

I’ll post as often as possible and I might be able to schedule quite a few blog posts so it won’t appear like I’m offline much but I just wanted to warn you as I might be a bit slow in replying or reading other’s blogs.  As far as reading other blogs I realise I’m a Late or Busy Ghost – that will make sense in tomorrow’s (Sunday’s) blog post so please check it out, you might find it funny.

Nemesis book coverI’m currently reading ‘Nemesis’ by Brendan Reichs a YA thriller which has me hooked at the moment.  I’m almost completely finished reading it (I was supposed to have read it already but am behind with all my reading!) so when I’m done look out for a review of this book.

The Upstairs Room book coverAnother book you can look forward to being reviewed this month is ‘The Upstairs Room’ by Kate Murray-Browne.  I’ll be happy to give everyone a review of this soon as it’s coming out at the end of the month so watch out for that post!


I’ll be bringing you a belated book haul post too from the wonderful Walker Books.  If you head on over to my instagram page you can get a sneak peak of the books that’ll be in the book haul post and of course you can always give me a follow if you like 😉   I’m still new to instagram, not the most fabulous photos yet but I am sometimes a little creative with my shots 🙂

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Is Sorry Really the Hardest Word? Does a Blogger Deserve an Apology?

Apart from that I have got a few blog posts in mind (apart from the usual ones) one of which is a further development in what’s happened with the publisher who refused to apologise for wrongfully crediting my review to another website.  If you haven’t read about it already please do (click here) and give me your thoughts, I’ll certainly be posting mine up soon.

That’s it for my quick July mid-month round-up.  I want to thank everyone who follows this blog and thank those who like and comment here too.  It’s knowing someone is reading these posts that keeps me coming back here.  I’ll be as active as I can over the summer (at least the next few weeks) and hopefully all will settle down soon and you’ll not notice my recent absence 🙂

How is your July so far?  Got anything planned for the rest of the month?

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By the way – is anyone watching Wimbledon this year?  If so who do you/ did you want to win?  Let me know I’m tennis mad I am 😀

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5 thoughts on “Mid-July 2017 Round-up #MPBooks

  1. I understand just how things are with you as I am so behind myself. As long as you are well and are enjoying life that is all that really matters. We will all still be here when you next publish your posts!

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    • Thank you I keep thinking I’ll get back to the blog but s much is happening with everything including now packing read for a move that every time decide I’ll allot some time to writing a post something crops up and I keep saying I’ll do it tomorrow, lol. I hope you are well too? And don’t worry about being behind either. Maybe it’s a summer thing, I think we can give ourselves long breaks now and then, the nice people who follow a blog will never mind, like you 🙂 ❤

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