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#BookReview: Mr Large in Charge by Jill Murphy #MPBooks

Mr Large in Charge book coverTitle: Mr Large in Charge

Author/Illustrator: Jill Murphy

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Children’s picture book

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Description: Mrs Large isn’t feeling too well, so Mr Large sends her back to bed.  “We’ll take charge, won’t we, kids?” he says.  But with Mr Large, Lester, Laura, Luke and the baby hoovering, making lunch and playing football, will Mrs Large’s rest be as peaceful as she hopes?

My Review:  This is a fun story that many parents will relate to. Mrs Large wakes up feeling unwell so Mr Large says she should go to bed and he will take care of everything, but things don’t go according to plan. The story in this book is quite simple and funny with Mrs Large repeatedly interrupted by all the things that go wrong. Despite Mr Large being in charge of the family and the housework, he’s not very good at it and Mrs Large is disturbed again and again and she finds it very hard to get some proper rest.

Lovely illustrations among the text.

The story has an appeal both to kids and adults. It’s funny with the way that Mrs Large is constantly interrupted and the silly things that go wrong are ones that plenty of parents, especially those with a big family, can relate to. The images are what really makes this story and I love how detailed they are. I really love Jill Murphy’s Large Family illustrations. Though I haven’t read many of her books, every time I see pictures of the Large Family I’m just drawn into them so much. They are lovely and detailed and funny all at the same time, it’s fun to notice little things such as the way the elephant family hold everything (not with their hands but their trunks). The characters are also very expressive and you can follow the story easily just by looking at the pictures.

Really Lovely illustrations

The ending is a good one and the whole story is a bit silly but I think plenty of adults and kids will really enjoy reading this. Although a review or two I’ve spotted complained about the gender stereotype of the dad being useless versus the mum who is always busy, I don’t think any kids would even pick up on this and many families will probably recognise someone who is a bit useless at certain things, whether they’re the dad, mum or someone else. Overall a great and fun book.

Poor Mrs Large doesn’t look well.

-Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy.

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