#Cats Really do Sell! #MPBooks

Laughing cat
So hilarious even this cat is laughing! – Image from Pixabay.com

I had planned on brining you an article/discussion post today but there’s been a lot of noise going on near where I live recently (works being done and such) which just turns my brain into mush so instead I though I’d bring you a fun post to brighten up your Sunday instead.

I recently found an advert online for Netto and it made me laugh as it featured cats, so I wanted to show you a few cat adverts from around the world.  It seems cats are used more and more in selling things these days.  There are many ads online featuring animals and especially cats.  Whether animated or not I can’t help but agree that these ads probably DO have an impact on sales.  so here’s 4 ads featuring cats 🐱 , the last will be fun for anyone to watch, cat lover or not and all of them are under 5 minutes long (for those of you with bandwidth issues 🙂 )

First up the ad that made me laugh this week.  This is for the German supermarket Netto:

This is a video made up of Japanese shorts.  There is a longer version of the below ad featuring descriptions which can be accessed on YouTube, but that ad is a bit long at over 5 minutes and this shorter one is a little funnier anyway and just shows the cats in action, running a Pizza Hut franchise:

Here’s another ad from Japan.  It’s kind of a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of ad for  some chewing gum (I think).  No idea what to think of it though o_O  !!!

And here’s a final ad that’ll appeal to everybody, cat lover or not, it’s just so funny!  Happy Sunday everyone 😀 😎

Do you like cats?  What about cats in adverts?  Did you find any of these fun or did the ads work on you?  Let me know what you thought I’d love to hear from you.  (Also let me know if you had any problems with watching the videos – I want to make sure I’m not posting anything unwatchable 🙂 ) 

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