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#Poetry: A Life Unfurled #MPBooks

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I want to warn everyone that today’s poem is dark and weird so those of you who are interested in only cheerful things may not want to read.  It’s a bit of a  weird poem as it was inspired by the emotional place I’ve been in the past, I’m not sure it was worth posting though and don’t worry as this is not a reflection on my life, though there is some truth to parts of it 😮  I hope someone out there ‘enjoys’ reading it 😕  Have a great Friday! ❤

A Life Unfurled

A truth kept hidden,
Always made to hide,
Never could be honest,
What I felt inside.

Felt shame just to meet,
Would never attend,
Any social gathering,
Was without friend.

Grew through the years,
Could never make start,
To be a new person,
Always felt apart.

Wanted to change,
But always afraid,
Soon felt soul,
Would be decayed.

Knew I  was throwing,
My Life away,
Felt I would die,
If I stayed this way,

Wanted to live,
A life of free,
Be rid of the pain,
That’s holding me.

So here I am,
Open to ache,
Will my heart,
Mend or break?

I tell you my story,
To save my own life,
Will you give me air,
Or use a knife?

What are your thoughts after reading this poem?  Reading back I’m not sure what to think myself so I’d love to hear from anyone. 

Do you enjoy dark poetry?  Or do you prefer lighter reading?  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “#Poetry: A Life Unfurled #MPBooks

  1. You know, i thought is way lovely, and it felt like it was written from a place of wisdom, of farewell that you are no longer that person, that you have moved with time, and you are unknowingly/knowing starting a fresh. I felt you are saying goodbye you no longer hold me that the past no longer holds you that you are you just have the courage to live fully.

    I think some of the pain remains but it is being released and you are becoming free.

    You write well and it is a lovely poem.. i think u are healing yourself

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  2. I enjoy anything dark, but when it reflects on you now specifically, I don’t know how to feel honestly. It’s like, does this person need help, or what’s wrong? Doesn’t bother me, I just have questions.

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  3. I enjoyed this poem, and you know I use to write poetry often, however, so many people assumed it was the way I was feeling, when the majority of my writings were created strictly from my imagination. I can understand this in a way. However, I loved your poem.

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    • Thank you so much It is silly that so many people can think that about the poetry you write, although you shouldn’t let that put you off. It shows that many people are concerned for you especially if you’ve written something darker. I’d love to read your poetry one day ❤ 🙂


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