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#Bookreview: Pugs & Prejudice by Jane Austen & Eliza Garrett #MPBooks

Pugs & Prejudice book coverTitle: Pugs & Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen & Eliza Garrett

Illustrator: Bob Venables

Publisher: Wildfire

Genre: Classic, Short Story, Picture Book

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Description: The greatest works of literature, as told by the finest breeds.
Mrs Bennet has five unmarried daughters, living in a house that can only be inherited by a male heir.  The Bennet litter must be married off soon – but to whom?
Fuzzy-muzzled Mr Bingley seems like the perfect match for sweet-tempered Jane; and might his glossy but grumpy companion Mr Darcy be just right for her witty sister Elizabeth?
Perhaps.  Or perhaps not…

My Review:  I love classics and I love the cute pug dog breed so I couldn’t resist this book when I saw it!  ‘Pugs and Prejudice’ is the first in the Classic Tails series which currently has four books but I hope will have more.  Each of the books are hardback with a matt finish to this, and are filled with some lovely thick, glossy pages which have some lovely pictures.  The books remind me of the Ladybird books I had as a child as the story is on one side of the page with a old-fashioned style image on the other.

The basic story of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is told in this book but it’s a much shorter and simpler version (with added pug references) with only the main parts of the story told.  It’s not necessary to have read Pride and Prejudice, or seen an adaptation before, as it’s easy to understand what is happening but it’s much more enjoyable if you do know the story.  The Bennet family consists of a couple and their five daughters who must be married as soon as possible as only a male heir can inherit the Bennet family home.  But will Elizabeth find a matching suitor?
The tale is easy to read and with the simple text that isn’t as complicated as the Shakespeare text of ‘Romeow and Juliet’ (also part of the Classic tails series) and because of this I think it would be easy for some younger ages to read this book.

Some lovely illustrations with the story on the left.

What I really love about this story is the pug references.  The story starts by talking about the Bennet litter, rather than daughters, and there are constant mentions of dog things such as Mr Collins the clergypug, the Bennet’s home is referred to as the kennel and I love the way the pictures also add a fun dog feel, with characters presenting bones to eat and a sick dog in bed with a cone around its neck!

The illustrations are amazing and very detailed with an old-fashioned feel to them.  Each picture is like a painting and in fact they all have some subtle design that make them look like old paintings with a cracked oil paint finish.  Although there have been many versions of Pride and Prejudice over the years, the pictures remind me of the tv version I saw in the 90s.  Every character is a pug and there’s something really special about a pug’s face that just makes it look so cute in the pictures, even the famous Darcy coming out of the water looks cute/funny!  I really love the detail of some of the character’s faces and all the images just make the book more special to read.  The illustrations also add a fun twist on many things mentioned in the story, such as the ball not just being a dance and I love the twist on one of the sisters names!

Another great picture of a ball!

This really is an amazing book and perfect for anyone who loves animals (especially pugs!).  It’s a perfect introductory tale for anyone who doesn’t know Pride and Prejudice and even more enjoyable for those that do, and given the simple and easy to read text kids might enjoy being introduced to this great classic too.  I can’t recommend this enough!
-Thanks to Bookbridgr and the publisher for a free copy.

Do you love pugs or Pride and Prejudice?  What do you think of this Classic Tail? 🙂  Please let me know I’d love to hear from you.  You can also follow My Peacock Books in these places: 

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