24 thoughts on “What is Your Trademark? #MPBooks

  1. The Peacock is definitely your trademark, haha. Every time I see it around, I know it’s your blog and nobody elses! As for my trademark.. When it comes to my reviews I always have munches at the bottom of them; so I guess that can go as a trademark. As can my greeting in every single one of my posts, being “Hi Munchworms!” I wanted something unique to use as a greeting and couldn’t think of anything better than collaborating “munches” and “bookworms”, haha.

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    • Thanks for the tip 🙂 Do you know I bought a pair but keep forgetting I own it, I should really use them more, lol. My pc has a anti-glare screen on it, but my laptop doesn’t and you can guess which of those tow things I’ve been using more of, lol 🙂 Looking forward to your trademark, maybe it’s your dog? I just checked out the front page of your blog. Will visit it properly tomorrow as it’s a bit late for me today 🙂

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    • Thank you 🙂 I think your posting style and the way you chat and share with others is a trademark, plus the ‘secret’ in your blog’s name intrigued me to visit 😀 I think we all have some kind of trademarks but it’s never too late to create a new one if we ever want to. Btw I love the boo in your twitter name too 😀

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      • Fun, very friendly and I really feel as if you involve everyone. Maybe it’s all the memes. I never really got into the whole meme thing before, but now I’m starting to get the feeling I want to post them on my blog too 🙂 lol. I also have no idea how and am impressed with how you’re able to be so concise with your book reviews. I just waffle on and on with my reviews, they’re way too long. My longest review on amazon (not for a book) is like 10 massive paragraphs!! 😮 I admire anyone able to write good reviews that are shorter than mine 🙂

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