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#BookReview: Silly Billy by Anthony Browne #MPBooks

Silly BillyTitle: Silly Billy

Author/Illustrator: Anthony Browne

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Children’s picture book

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Description: Billy is a bit of a WORRIER.  He WORRIES so much, he can’t sleep.  Luckily Grandma knows just what he needs to help him overcome his fears – And once Billy learns Grandma’s secret, he finds he never has to WORRY again.

My Review:  This is a great book for kids who naturally worry a lot. Billy worries about a lot of things, hats, shoes and clouds to name a few. Billy feels silly but then he speaks to his Grandma and she tells him a special secret. The paperback is roughly A4 in size, though wider, and is filled with thick glossy pages of colourful illustrations.

Very simple image to start the story.

I like this book and the message it has, especially because Billy’s cure for his worries is something so simple and that has been used for generations in South America. I don’t really want to spoil the story by telling you what Billy uses to stop worrying but it’s a clever and simple thing. The story of ‘Silly Billy’ is generally very simple and although Billy is ‘cured’ of his worrying in the middle of the book, the tale isn’t over and there’s something funny that happens towards the end. The ending of the story is satisfying and I like the fact that there’s a message encouraging kids to share this ‘cure’ for their worries and the fact that it’s so easy for kids to make themselves.

The images in the story are quite simple and yet tell the story very well. I like the pictures of Billy’s worries, they have a slightly surreal feel to them such as shoes walking themselves out of the window. I also love how colourful some of the characters on the last pages are, it fits well with the colours on the book cover.

Fun colourful images alongside monotone worries with surreal twists.

Overall this is a great book for kids especially those that worry about a lot of things, and a great book for adults to read to kids if they want to discuss any worries kids might have.
-Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy (as part of the Anthony Browne Collection).

Are you a bit of a worrier like Billy?  What do you think of this book?  Please let me know your thoughts I’d love to hear from you 🙂 You can also follow me in these places: 

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