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#Poetry: The Real Me? #MPBooks

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Hello everyone.  I’m afraid I’m a bit behind since New Year with getting out my posts.  They are coming but I’ve been away and so it’s taking longer than planned.  Anyway, just a quick poem for you today.  Please be aware that this is a poem on the darker side, in case you are not a fan of that type.  Enjoy 🙂

The Real Me?

Did I share a part of myself,
Or would I run and hide?
Bared all and told truth,
Or wrote pretends and lied?

Did I open up myself,
Or close you off from mind?
Let you see the truth inside,
Or leave all me to find?

Did you enter inside heart,
Or would I put defence?
Let you touch deep within,
Or make space between dense?

Did you ever see true me,
Or would I keep apart?
Let you be so close to soul,
Or close away my heart?

Inspired by the daily prompt Reservation.

Did you enjoy the poem?  Do you have reservations about people or things?  Let me know any and all thoughts I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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4 thoughts on “#Poetry: The Real Me? #MPBooks

  1. I really like this poem! I’m not usually great with understanding poetry but it seems to me to be about the conflict of sharing yourself with others? Something I deal with daily. Its such a real struggle and I feel like the poem describes it beautifully.

    Also, I tagged you in the Amazon’s “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime” Tag:

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