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#ChangeAWordRuinABook #MPBooks

Happy Twitter blue bird smiling
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A few days ago I logged on to Twitter to find a fun hashtag going around. So popular was it that even some publishers were getting in on the action, adding their own ideas to the mix. The hashtag in question was #ChangeAWordRuinABook.

Many of you may have already seen this hashtag and even taken part, but for those of you who don’t know what it is, the idea is to change one word in a book title to give it a different meaning. Some of the results were hilarious and I couldn’t help but come up with a few of my own too. So today, I bring you a fun post, filled with some silly book titles.

#ChangeAWordRuinABook titles by me

These are some of the titles I could think of. Although others may have had the same ideas, these all came from my own head, a few of which I shared on Twitter, the rest kept appearing in my head for the last few days:

Prime and Punishment (An Amazon story)

The Grate Gatsby

Are you there Cod, it’s me Margaret?

The Two Gentle Hen of Verona

The Wind in the Pillows

The Ginger Beard Man

War and Fleece

Five Children and Nit

North Hangar Abbey

The Handmaid’s Tail

Romeo & Julie’s Pet (kinda works :p )

Life of Pie

The Old Man and the Flea

Bored of the Flies

A Room with a Ewe

#ChangeAWordRuinABook titles by others

The rest of these titles are ones I’ve seen on Twitter. Credit goes to whoever thought them up:

To Grill A Mockingbird

Lidl Women

Alice in Poundland

Charlie and the ChickLit Factory

A Tale of Two Kitties

The Devil Wears Nada

Lord of the Lies

Of Lice and Men

Harry Potter and the Kidney Stone

The Cat in the Flat

Wuthering Tights

A Room with a Loo

The Canterbury Fails

Moby Duck

Vanity Bear

James and the Giant Leech

Of course there are many, MANY more, and many of them are also a lot ruder. If you want to spot more #ChangeAWordRuinABook titles just search for them on twitter 🙂

What do you think of these? Can you come up with better ones? – Although if you do don’t go too crude please…family blog and all 😉

Why not share your book title ideas here. Or if you’re on twitter tweet them and this post? :)

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