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#Poetry: Dark Cavity #MPBooks

Cat in snow hole
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After seeing the daily prompt word was Cavity, I decided to search for the word ‘cavity’ on The above picture was part of the search results and the following poem came about from my mind. But I have to warn you it’s not a happy one and may upset some people, though it’s an issue close to my heart so I felt it needed to be voiced. ❤

Dark Cavity

Dark and cold, you’ll find me there,
Not that I think you’d easily care.
Left me to be, without a home,
“Free” you’d say, to live and roam.
Didn’t agree to keep safe and well,
Instead you felt the need to sell.
Promised others a loving start,
But what you did was not of heart.
Let me experience warmth and love,
As cuddled mine, as white as dove.
Blinded this way, I didn’t see,
All your thoughts were of a fee.
Couldn’t see coming, how you would take,
What only mattered, my heart you’d break.
You wanted more, you pushed and pressed,
I didn’t agree, became your pest.
Fought against, until you’d let go,
But instead you decided better to throw.
Tossed and turned, made me feel sick,
In the darkness, a slab of brick.
Bruised, in pain but worse was still,
The sound, darkness, water, chill.
Only freed by saving grace,
Didn’t stay to watch you chase.
Fled until I reached the goal,
Found that spot, that very hole.
Dark and cold, you’ll find me there,
Not that I think you’d ever care.

What do you think of this poem? Did it upset you or bring up some important issues? Or do you find reading such subjects difficult? Please let me know all you thoughts I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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4 thoughts on “#Poetry: Dark Cavity #MPBooks

  1. I’m sorry you haven’t had many views, Cat. I’ve not had the time to be on-line much in the last few days and am now trying to catch up. This is indeed a dark poem, but well written and it is a subject that needs to be spoken about. xx

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