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I saw this fun little meme on the Secret Library Book Blog (originally created on Fictionophile)and wondered if I could manage to spell my own blog’s name out with books…there is a catch however, I can only use certain books and in doing so you get to see what book reviews might be appearing in future on this blog.  Sounds interesting?  Well it turns out it’s not so easy, especially with a long blog name like mine (and lots of the letter O!)…

As with any tag/meme there are some rules and they are simple but important:

  1. Spell out your blog’s name. (this is where you wish your blog’s name was shorter LOL)
  2. Find a book from your TBR that begins with each letter. (Note you cannot ADD to your TBR to complete this challenge – the books must already be on your Goodread’s TBR)
  3. Have fun! (to participate check out the original post by Fictionophile)

Ok, so I’m already going to break one rule and that’s the fact that the books have to appear on my Goodreads tbr pile.  The fact is that I have not been good with Goodreads, I have lots of books I plan to read but I rarely put them on Goodreads (until recently my tbr list contained less than 20 books!).  I do however have a snazzy notebook/diary thingy I’m writing in that lists all my books that I plan to read.  I write down every book I plan to read including those I’ve been given for review (and even colouring books!).  You’re going to have to trust me that all these books are on my tbr list -which I’ve now added to Goodreads -but I do realise I should be putting them on Goodreads too (so any of you can find out exactly what I plan on reading).  I won’t be cheating, adding any books to my notebook list, all the following books appear on my handwritten list but if I followed the rules to the letter I’d only have about four books to show you 😮

So if you don’t mind the slight cheating, here we go, and let me know if any of these books interest you too…Scroll down to see all the books.

(By the way, I’ve added a little extra description to my book list but it’s not necessary I’ve also omitted the word ‘The’ or ‘A’ in some titles otherwise I’d have never managed to do this meme at all :/ And apologies if you are reading this and the formatting isn’t quite right-tried fixing it but can’t seem to 😦 )

So books that spell – MY PEACOCK BOOKS:


Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor

This is the first and number one book on my tbr list ever since I read Strange the Dreamer!  Many of you know I’ve put Strange the Dreamer on my Best Ever  Books list, giving it my favourites stamp too.  Well, Muse of Nightmares is the second part to the two part fantasy series and I just can’t wait for its release in October!








You’re in for a Ride by Nicholas C. Rossis

I’ve had this book on my tbr pile for a long time.   It’s a book of short stories and the brilliant thing about this author’s work is that he’s great at writing tales with a twist which I just love!  This book is going to have lots of tales with twists, I’m sure, and I’m already a fan of this author’s work having reviewed a few of his books on my old blog.  I’m definitely looking forward to this book.








The Pets at Primrose Cottage by Sheila Norton

This is sold both as a four part series and now a full novel.  I’ve already reviewed the first part of this book and have committed myself to reading and reviewing the other three parts as I like the book and can’t help but love the animal aspect of Sheila Norton’s books too 🙂









The Everest Files by Matt Dickinson

‘The Everest Files’ is the first part of a trilogy of books that takes place on (you’ve guessed it) Mount Everest.  All three books can be read as stand alone novels as they all have a good start and end but having read the second novel of the trilogy first, called North Face, I’m now keen to finish the trilogy.









Art of Freedom: The life and climbs of Voytek Kurtyka by Bernadette McDonald

I think I’ve always enjoyed autobiography/biography books and I’ve now come to really enjoy books about climbing and mountaineering.  I got this book from Vertebrate Publishing as a book to review but I also chose to read it as it seems very interesting and begins with his life in Poland which does resonate with me a little as I have some family who come from there 🙂









The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir by Jennifer Ryan

I first heard of this book when I won a proof copy from the publisher on twitter last year.  I then kept seeing it advertised and on display in every book shop I went into and it’s been a big seller.  I love the way the book is arranged as it’s a bit different from your average novel and I love the historical setting so really want to read this book.








The Owly Trilogy book cover
The Owly Trilogy by Orla Kelly

I recently agreed to review this book although I haven’t had the chance to read it yet.  It’s a trilogy of what I hope are some great children’s stories.  Not only does the description of the book sound good but I can’t help but love the cute cover 🙂


City of bones by Cassandra Clare

I’m going to feel very silly now for saying that I never really heard of this series until this book was offered to me for review.  I’m so out of the loop with some books but with all the hype, praise and the fact that this lovely addition is so gorgeous to look at and has some stunning artwork I’m excited to read this first book in the series.








Killer Storm by Matt Dickinson

This is the last part of the Everest Files trilogy which I’ve already mentioned above (see the letter E).  This is a book I’ve already got ready to read and showed off in a book haul a little while ago.  Hope I enjoy it as much as the previous book.









Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of classic books, but I haven’t read as many as I would have liked to already.  I’m determined to read them all though (well, almost all of them!) and this book is one I’d like to read as I’ve seen the films of it but I’d love to read the original story.








Oliver Twist book cover
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

I bought a copy of Oliver Twist many years ago when I was part of a school production of the book.  I did read the book back then but haven’t since and I’d like to re-read it to familiarise myself with parts that I’ve forgotten.  I actually can’t remember a lot of the beginning to the story so I’m looking forward to re-reading this classic.


1001 Nights book cover
Tales from 1001 Nights by Anonymous

Turns out I don’t have another book listed in my notebook that begins with an O 😦  I do have an alternative though it’s sort of spelled with an O if you spell it with words and not numbers.  I recently rebought a copy of this book (not this cover-couldn’t find the one I have) as I couldn’t find my old copy of this classic.  What is annoying is that the cover of the paperback I’ve had for over 20 years (probably more) was actually titled ‘1001 Nights’ rather than ‘Tales from 1001 Nights’.  So my original copy of this book could technically be an O in this spelling challenge if spelled One Thousand And One Nights but I can’t find my book as it’s long been packed away somewhere and I’ve searched all six pages of Goodreads results for my copy of the book and it doesn’t exist 😦  So I picked a cover I like the look of instead 😛





The Keeper of Lost Things book cover
The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

I’m a bit late with finding out about this book but but ever since I heard about it I’ve been very interested.  It’s had so many good reviews and I just love the description and all the praise I’ve heard people giving that I really want to read this one soon.









Scythe by Neal Shusterman

This is a dystoian YA thriller and I can’t wait to read it, not sure why I haven’t already as I usually devour dystopian novels straight away.  This book is probably going to leave me reeling over it’s dark story but that’s okay as the second book in the series will be out soon too (and guess who’s going to be getting a complimentary review copy 😀 😉  )







So how did I do?  I know I slightly cheating with the Goodreads tbr list rule but otherwise not bad?  Have you read or are interested in reading any of the books above?  Could you spell out your own blog’s name in books?  Why not give it a go and don’t forget to link back to the creator, and me so I can also see how you do 🙂

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