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#PhotoChallenge: Inner City Clown #MPBooks #Photo #Photography #Art

Happy pigeon
A Happy pigeon – smile © My Peacock Books

The photo challenge for this week is the word smile and I can’t help but smile every time I see one of these guys in the town or city.  I know plenty of people see pigeons as pests but I’ll never forget the hoard of pigeons that flocked around me when I visited Trafalgar Square in London as a child.  Pigeons are banned from there these days but back then there were stalls set up that sold cups of seeds just so you could feed the delightful and often silly birds.

At some point I had several of them sitting on my arm and while the chances of them pooping was always a possibility, in reality they made many people, and many tourists, happy with their silly rush to get fed.  To me the pigeon will never be a pest.  They clean up left over food that’s spilled onto town floors and I’ve rarely seen poop in the towns where I’ve seen pigeons.

To me they’ll always be a bit of a clown, edging forwards towards me hoping that I’ll drop some food but walking away casually pretending I wasn’t there if I don’t.  Always choosing to walk, even across pedestrian crossings on the road, rather than fly somewhere.  And I can’t help but love that silly head bop they always do with each step they take.  The markings on pigeons are also fascinating especially if you visit different towns, and with London being a no-pigeon zone these days it’s the towns on the outskirts that see more pigeon traffic these days.

To me, the sight of a pigeon always leaves me smiling.  Do they have that effect on you?  What about wood pigeons if you live more rurally?  What makes you smile?  Let me know in the comments below as well as your thoughts on this photo 🙂

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3 thoughts on “#PhotoChallenge: Inner City Clown #MPBooks #Photo #Photography #Art

  1. Awww great photo. I love pigeons, I think they get a bad rap which is sad. I’ve rescued a lot of injured pigeons so I’m always on the look out for them, as they seem to get in trouble a lot. I like that these birds make you smile.

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    • Thanks, I’m glad you like the picture. It’s wonderful that you rescue them. I hate it when people shoo pigeons or the way these days they’re thought of as pests. They are lovely birds and I wish more people recognised that 🙂

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