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#PhotoChallenge: Park Lines #MPBooks #Photo #Photography

Park Lines a path in a park
Park Lines – where does it go?   Image © My Peacock Books

This week there is a photo challenge about lines.  I’ve always loved images of infinity, paths that lead to who knows where?  Or images that repeat into themselves again and again.  So when I saw this view on a walk in a park in London a few weeks ago I had to take a picture.  I love the way the park path forms a line with seemingly no end.  (It does end…eventually, but it was a very, very long walk!)

Hope you don’t mind the new image copyright notice on my photo?  I tried using a new app to apply it but was a bit ‘off’ in placing the text!

What do you think of the picture above?  Do you like the way the path draws a line into the park?  Do you enjoy walking through parks?  What strange lines have you seen?  Let me know any thoughts you have on, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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