June 2018 (Short) Round-up #MPBooks

Melting ice cream
I’m melting!!!! – Image from Pixabay.com

Unfortunately I’m melting in this extra hot weather we’ve been having here in the UK recently, so this is going to be a short round-up post.  June has flown past and it’s been a good month for me personally (bar the recent British heat wave).  I’ve had the most views in June since the year began and in fact since I started this blog! 😀 😀

Angry woman
Image – Pixabay.com

I’m sure that success has a lot to do with this ranty blog post: No I Will NOT Review Your Book! And Here’s Why… Thank you to everyone who read it and especially those of you who shared it.  You guys are amazing 🙂  If you haven’t seen it then please check it out, it’s a ranty post because it’s something an author has done to try and get reviews.

I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for this month.  I’ve been a bit behind in updating my blog and keeping with my schedule of posts so I’m going to dial it down to 3 posts a week for a bit (as apposed to the recent 5! I’ve been managing to get out last month).  But there’s a lot more content I plan to get done this month, including two author interviews, and a few more discussion posts – there’s definitely a topic I’ve been sitting on for a while and it’s time it came out 😮

Legendary book coverLots more reading planned to and I’m looking forward to finally getting the chance to read this!  Legendary by Stephanie Garber.  I loved book one in the series, Caraval, almost as much as Strange the Dreamer and I can’t wait for part two 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍  In case you’re curious, here’s my review for Caraval.

I’ve also got lots more exciting books to read!  Let me know what books you are reading now, or plan to this month, I want to get some more recommendations 🙂

Well I’m gonna leave it at that for now.  Just a short post as I’m literally melting from the heat.  It’s given me headaches and although I’ve got stuff planned for the blog, I feel I’m not up to much until the temperature goes down a little bit.  If you enjoy the sun then have fun but don’t hate me for wanting it to be a few degrees lower 😉 🙂

How are you coping in the summer heat?  Do you have any high temperatures where you live?  What are you reading, let me know any thoughts you have, I love hearing from you 🙂

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