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#Photography: A Cool Stream #Photo #Art #MPBooks

It is very hot in the UK at the moment and for many today may well be the hottest day of the year (and even since records began).  For those of you affected, like me, stay cool, hydrated and in the shade.  I hope you all stay well and just to cheer up anyone who may be feeling a bit miserable from the overly oppressive heat, here’s a photo I took a few weeks ago in London (before the grass began to dry out) of a cool stream…or is it a brook?  I don’t know what it is, but the sound of the water trickling in an otherwise quiet location is wonderful.  😎😎😎

Small Stream
A cool stream – Image © My Peacock Books

This beautiful waterway was in the middle of a park in West London.  How are you guys coping with the heat in the UK?  For those of you living elsewhere, is it hot where you are?  How do you cope with the heat?  Let me know, I feel I need some tips 😉

And for those of you heading over to London for YALC 📚📚📚 , have fun 🙂 , I wish I’d booked tickets (forgot all about it – my brain’s not been with it in this heat!)

Please leave any thoughts you have in the comments box below, I love hearing from you 🙂

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5 thoughts on “#Photography: A Cool Stream #Photo #Art #MPBooks

    • Sounds wonderful! 🙂 It’s finally rained here at night and Saturday has been such a different day…I can finally do things without getting a headache or feeling sick, lol. I don’t envy people up in the North though, seems they had terrible rain and even hail? 😮


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