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#BookReview: Pirate McSnottbeard in the Alien Slug Invasion Panic by Paul Whitfield #MPBooks

Pirate McSnottbeard 2 book coverTitle: Pirate McSnottbeard in the Alien Slug Invasion Painic (Pirate McSnottbeard #2)

Author/Illustrator: Paul Whitfield

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Children’s fiction/middle grade

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Description: Before you read this book you should know:
1) There’s a huge LIE in this book!
2) The book is SUPER, MEGA-SCARY.  (That’s scarier than a PIRATE in a BAD MOOD)
3) That’s because this book has ALIEN SLUGS, KILLER ROBOTS and GIANT WORMS.  And EVEN SCARIER than that…THEY’RE IN SPACE!

My Review: This is a funny book with a very silly story. Emilie and her brother Will wake up one morning to find a lot of slime in their home and their parents gone. Alien slug monsters are responsible and the siblings need to rescue their parents, with the help of their cat Eiffel who seems to know what’s going on.

This book is the second in the ‘Pirate McSnottbeard’ series but you don’t have to have read the first book in order to enjoy this one. The book begins in a fun way with Emilie giving us some facts and introducing herself and her brother before moving onto the story itself. The whole tale is told from Emilie’s point of view but the way the book is written is very fun. Chapters are very short, often only two pages long before another chapter with an interesting title begins. And each chapter is filled with both text and lots of illustrations.

Pirate McSnottbeard image one showing text and an illustration of the pirate
Big fun illustrations among the text.

The story is silly and easy to get into, it’s very daft but also very funny. As Emilie and Will board an alien slug ship to rescue their parents a lot of mishaps and silly things happen to make things more difficult. The whole adventure the two of them go on is surprisingly long and I liked what ended up happening when the two were emailed! I don’t want to give anything away but it’s a perfect amount of silliness that makes you enjoy a book like this. I also liked Emilie’s constant lists and Will’s film references which affected what he did next.

The illustrations are funny and do add to the story, I liked the way lists were illustrated rather than just typed in normal print and some of the pictures are very funny to look at and do help make the story more funny. The character of Pirate McSnottbeard doesn’t make an appearance until quite a way into the book and although I enjoyed the overall story and found it fun, I just didn’t get into it as much as I had hoped. I don’t know if it’s the book or the fact that I didn’t read the first one, but something about this just wasn’t as funny as some other books I’ve read. Most kids will probably like this book, especially those that like silly stories with lots of slime and weird things happening, but I just didn’t enjoy it as much as some other books.

Pirate McSnottbeard image two showing some more illustrations among the book's text
All of the pages contain various images among the funny text.


I do still recommend this book though, it was still very funny and it is a good story which ends well. I’d probably enjoy it a lot more had I read the first Pirate McSnottbeard and seem what happened to him previously which I might do in the future. Overall a good book but just didn’t grab my attention.
-Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy.

*Apologies for the quality of the photos, these were taken before I got a new camera working.

Have you read the first any Pirate McSnottbeard books?  Do you enjoy funny books with a lot of silly humour?  What do you think of this book?  Please let me know any thoughts you have, I’d love to hear from you 🙂 

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