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How Are Things?

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Hi everyone?¬† How are things?¬† It’s been¬†a quite¬†while since I posted here.¬† I originally planned to go away for a couple of weeks but I’ve been away now for well over¬†a month!¬† Things are a bit hectic in my life at the moment, not exactly what I expected, given the plans I had for this blog.¬† But unfortunately I’m going to have to take some more and¬†extended time away from blogging.¬† I’d like to keep up with¬†the blog but the truth is I’m¬†barely managing to deal with things that are happening in my offline life at the moment and blogging just takes too much time right now.¬† I haven’t had much time for reading and haven’t felt¬†like reading much either¬†due to some issues I have with my eyesight recently. ¬†I’ve not been very well which is a big part of why I’m taking a lot of time away ūüė¶

I’m not disappearing completely.¬† You can still stay in touch with me via email or social media if you want to, and while I said I’m not reading much I have been keeping up some of my reading and¬†review writing in this last week.¬† I’ve posted these on amazon and might do so¬†on Goodreads too¬†but putting together blog posts just takes too long for me at the moment, even with a template, though I might put up the odd occasional post or share another’s if I can.

I want to thank everyone for all your support and the lovely messages I’ve received from many of you.¬† I’d like to stay in touch with everyone and I hope you aren’t disappointed if I leave for a while.¬† I’m not sure about when I’m¬†returning, I’m just concentrating on getting through this tough patch and recovering my health at the moment.¬† I hope everyone is well and your blogging as well as personal lives are going well.¬† Take care and let’s stay in touch ‚̧ ūüôā ūüôā

….Oh and I have one left over blog post (it’s been sitting in my drafts for weeks-forgot about it!)¬†I’m going to put up right after this one¬† so you have something to read while I’m away ūüôā

You can find me in these locations¬†if you’d like to chat¬†ūüôā :

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8 thoughts on “How Are Things?

  1. Take as much time as you need, the blog can wait, hun. You need to make sure you’re okay. We are all here for you. I’ll drop you a message on social media. Get well soon and take time to rest and recover.

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