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About this blog:

My Peacock Books is a blog dedicated to bringing you a wealth of interesting, thought-provoking and fun topics to read and engage in.  With an emphasis on book reviews, bookish posts including discussions and tags this site also features some artwork, colouring and poetry, as well as a few other random posts.  With a wealth of different books on offer from children’s, teen, adult in a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres (though no erotica or anything too crude-just not my thing) this blog is sure to have a topic you are interested in reading about.  Please do take a look around and enjoy your stay 🙂

Welcome to My Peacock Books

Hi, I’m Cat Peacock and welcome to my blog 🙂  I am the sole blogger at My Peacock Books and have enjoyed blogging my love of books, arty stuff and writing since April 2017.  I share a lot of myself and my personality on this blog and always try to be a cheerful and fun person, although I have been through my fair share of bad things and I think my whole outlook on life and wanting to be happy is reflected by this.  My arty posts include some colouring pictures, possible sketches and lots of photography.  I love sharing rhyming poetry too, I can’t help but always rhyme!  However my bookish posts far outweigh anything else I write so if you’re a book worm or just interested in some books, you’ve come to the right place 🙂
There are always book reviews on this site.  I give honest book reviews and if my experience of a book is a negative one I will say so, and the reasons behind this.  The books I review are children’s, teen (YA) and adult books, although by adult I mean for adults, not the ‘adult( i.e. erotica)’ genre which I do not enjoy reading-plus nothing else that can be considered excessively crude as I like to think of this site as child-friendly when visiting (plus those just aren’t my thing 🙂 ).  If any books contain profanity or anything considered a little dark in nature this will be explained in the reviews I write so you know what sort of book you are looking at, should you be interested in reading it 🙂  I also review colouring books and some fun activity kits.  I hope you’ll all want to stay with me and get to know me and enjoy what I write 🙂

Update: I also now run a Lifestyle blog that’s connected with this one, called My Peacock Living.  It’s filled with lots of posts on different subjects.  Please check do it out.  Thank you for visiting 🙂

Faces on the blog:

Cat Peacock
Cat Peacock  (blogger)- Image copyright ©My Peacock Books & Living 2017-2018.

Cat Peacock – Site builder, site blogger and well, really the person who does everything on this blog, including designing the beautiful plumage that makes Phoenix look so special!
Funny, friendly, honest and always up for a discussion, Cat Peacock loves sharing her blog and views with everyone who’s willing to read them.
With a passion for books, art, poetry, storytelling, history (and a general sense of being both a mature and sensible adult while enjoying her childhood love of videogames, toys, and colouring) Cat has a lifelong love of learning and wants nothing more than to have peace and happiness in the world…along with a menagerie of animals (which she currently doesn’t have!).
Always able to have fun but retain her serious side when dealing with mature topics such as mental health, anxiety, depression and current affairs, Cat is not only a successful blogger but a successful writer, poet, journalist, and artist…How successful she is of course depends on her audience (so she urges you to consider her successful 😉 ! )


Image of My Peacock Books logo
Phoenix the Peacock  (site mascot) – Image copyright ©My Peacock Books & Living 2017-2018.

Phoenix the Peacock – Site mascot and incredibly good looking!
Phoenix is the official mascot of My Peacock Books, his picture appearing everywhere possible (including as Cat’s avatar when she posts here)!  Originally created from Cat Peacock’s mind, he loves anything to do with books and can’t wait to give his special Phoenix the Peacock’s Favourite Stamp to any books that deserve it.
Phoenix would loves nothing more than spending his spare time preening his plumage as well as reading.  He does have one pet peeve though which he shares with Cat.  He gets annoyed when people call Cat, Phoenix.  “I don’t review books but Cat does, please do write to me if you want, but I’m the site mascot so don’t send me the review requests, address then to Cat or My Peacock Books instead” 🙂


Please do feel free to comment on any post if you’d like to, however please be respectful when adding comments.  This blog is a site friendly to all ages and although some of the content may be of a more complex and difficult nature (such as mental health, bullying, etc.) this blog does not encourage or allow any hateful comments or any that can may be considered offensive.  Comments are moderated so please be kind in commenting even if disagreeing with other comments or the blog posts. Thank you 🙂

Copyright Information

All text and images (with the exception of book covers which are taken from sites such as NetGalley or the publishers own) are created by me and are copyright ©My Peacock Books & Living 2017-2018 (me the owner), unless otherwise stated ( such statements will be included below images or text e.g. Image from Pixabay.com).  Using any of my images or recreating any of the text of this blog without my prior written consent is strictly prohibited.  It is illegal and as I have the copyright you may face legal proceedings (though I don’t ever want to go there 🙂 ) 😮

Sharing is caring…

I’d love it if you would share my posts  🙂 ❤   If you wish to share my posts then please do use the buttons below blog posts to share the content which will allow you to post part of the text and link back to my blog for the full post 🙂  An extra special thank you if you do this ❤ 😀

Full Disclosure

A full disclosure of any books or other items I receive, or services I visit, in exchange for reviews/posts are written at the bottom of all such posts.  If there is a review/post on this blog of an item or service I have used without a disclosure it means I spent my own money buying the item or service.

Any book, other item or service I have received at a free or discounted rate does not affect my rating.  I have always written trusted honest reviews and continue to do that.  I would never compromise my integrity for a favourable review.

If you would like to contact me further about this or any potential review/post please see contact page 🙂

How My Peacock Books started (original about statement):

Hello!  I’m Cat Peacock (a pen name but what everyone calls me) and welcome to My Peacock Books!  If you’ve come to this page you’re probably wondering what My Peacock Books is or how it came to be.  Well let me first introduce you to Phoenix the Peacock

Image of My Peacock Books logo
Phoenix the Peacock

Phoenix might sound like a strange name for a Peacock but it’s very apt given how My Peacock Books came to be…You see I’m not a first time blogger.  I’ve been a blogger of books and some of my art for some time.  I used to blog at Happymeerkatreviews but things didn’t go to plan.  I was new to the blogging world and even though I met lots of great people while blogging I’d also met some not so great people.  I struggled to keep my own blog going and basically fell out of love with it.  I felt exhausted and just couldn’t face blogging.  Weeks and months of trying to love my blog and I just…didn’t anymore.  So there’s only two options when that happens to you.  Either fix the blog or ditch it and start again.

So I went with option two….

And like a phoenix rising out of the ashes My Peacock Books was born and what could be better than having a blog featuring my all time most favourite bird in the world!!!  That’s right I love, LOVE Peacocks!  With their, magical calls, beautiful fan tails and that iridescent plumage they are just mesmerising to look at!  I mean how can you not be awed by this bird.

Photo of a peacock
Beautiful Peacock 🙂 – Image from pixabay.com

Book review Ratings

I award peacock feathers for book reviews.  Up to five feathers can be awarded for a book and there are no half feathers! – Seriously what monster would cut this in half!?…

Peacock Feather
Peacock feather – Image from pixabay.com

I’m tough on books so anything I like really deserves the feathers.  Here’s a rough guide to my ratings but it’s only a rough guide on how I rate a book:

=DNF (Did Not Finish)  This is rare but possible with some books

    One My Peacock Books feather= I really don’t like this book, I wouldn’t touch it again

One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather=It’s pretty bad but I like something about it

One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather=Neutral.  Book is okay, maybe good, might/might not read again

One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather=I’d pick this up again, it’s really good

One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather=I love this book!  I really love this book!

Image of Phoenix the Peacock's favourite stamp


=Phoenix the Peacock’s Favourite Stamp!  Only my very most    favourite books get this special stamp!   





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