Here you can learn more about My Peacock Books, how I rate books and a bit about me!

About My Peacock Books

Hello!  I’m Cat Peacock (a pen name but what everyone calls me) and welcome to My Peacock Books!  If you’ve come to this page you’re probably wondering what My Peacock Books is or how it came to be.  Well I’ll tell you everything but first let me first introduce you to Phoenix the Peacock

Image of My Peacock Books logo
‘Phoenix’ the Peacock

Phoenix might sound like a strange name for a Peacock but it’s very apt given how My Peacock Books came to be…You see I’m not a first time blogger.  I’ve been a blogger of books and some of my art for some time.  I used to blog at Happymeerkatreviews but things didn’t go to plan.  I was new to the blogging world and even though I met lots of great people while blogging I’d also met some not so great people.  I struggled to keep my own blog going and basically fell out of love with it.  I felt exhausted and just couldn’t face blogging.  Weeks and months of trying to love my blog and I just…didn’t anymore.  So there’s only two options when that happens to you.  Either fix the blog or ditch it and start again.

So I went with option two….

And like a phoenix rising out of the ashes My Peacock Books was born and what could be better than having a blog featuring my all time most favourite bird in the world!!!  That’s right I love, LOVE Peacocks!  With their, magical calls, beautiful fan tails and that iridescent plumage they are just mesmerising to look at!  I mean how can you not be awed by this bird..

Photo of a peacock
Beautiful Peacock 🙂 – Image from pixabay.com

So what’s My Peacock Books all about?

Well it’s obviously a website/blog about Peacocks and Books!!  Of course there’s more than that though 🙂


Expect lots of bookish posts.  Book reviews, book hauls and general bookish stuff.


I share some of my own art work whether that’s something I’ve created from scratch, photographed or some pictures I’ve coloured from some lovely colouring books (I’m a colouring book addict and proud of it 😀 )!


I write poetry of different kinds from short and fun to something deeper and I enjoy sharing it with the hopes of some feedback too.


How could I not have peacock things!  Pictures, drawings, fun facts, anything peacock really!

Other Stuff

I’m too complex a person to just stick to those few things.  I want this site to be my own corner of the web and my own personal expression, so expect all sorts of other things I enjoy such as sharing quotes I like, funny things, my own thoughts, and a bunch of other animal stuff too (I don’t love only peacocks!)

What’s probably NOT happening on My Peacock Books…

While I love being involved in the whole blogging community I ‘m not sure I’ll be taking part in any blogger awards or tags.  If a tag interests me I might, and I stress might, play along but I won’t be nominating anyone as I see no fun in having to choose people…what about those you forget to nominate?

I will not be open to review requests.  I received a lot of ridiculous emails for review requests in the past from authors who didn’t read my guidelines so now I’m not going to accept book review requests anymore from authors.  Besides, I’m picky and I like to choose which books I want to review so my doors to book review requests and other related posts for authors are firmly closed.  If I take part in blog tours and such it will be because I choose to and not from a random request.

Book review Ratings

I award peacock feathers for book reviews.  Up to five feathers can be awarded for a book and there are no half feathers! – Seriously what monster would cut this in half!?…

Peacock Feather
Peacock feather – Image from pixabay.com

I’m tough on books so anything I like really deserves the feathers.  Here’s a rough guide to my ratings but it’s only a rough guide on how I rate a book:

=DNF (Did Not Finish)  This is rare but possible with some books

    One My Peacock Books feather= I really don’t like this book, I wouldn’t touch it again

One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather=It’s pretty bad but I like something about it

One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather=Neutral.  Book is okay, maybe good, might/might not read again

One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather=I’d pick this up again, it’s really good

One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather=I love this book!  I really love this book!

Image of Phoenix the Peacock's favourite stamp

=Phoenix the Peacock’s Favourite Stamp!  Only my very most    favourite books get this special stamp!   

About Me

I’m a girl with a passion for books, art, poetry and peacocks of course!  Okay, I have many other interests besides that 🙂 .  Apart from the oh-so-obvious, I also love cats and other creatures and of course books and art in all its forms.  I was never much into reading growing up, well not as much as other kids, but that hasn’t stopped me from becoming passionate about reading as a teen and more so now as an adult.  I guess it’s better to say that I’ve always been passionate about stories, whether on paper, in art, or on film.

I’ve invented stories ever since I can remember and was always the arty type, drawing, painting and crafts too!  Inventing stories was always easy for me, but not run-of-the-mill boring stories and excuses for bad behaviour (nope I was never a tear-away at all  😮 ).  When I invented a story it involved dragons, other worlds, weird semi-robotic humans…anything fantasy or sci-fi.  When others around me at school ‘grew up’, my mind was always somewhere else imagining tales of electric girls and ghost trapping houses.  I basically never grew out of my imagination which I see as a good thing as it’s made me the super creative/ slightly silly adult I am today  😀 !

I’m big on being creative.  Drawing and painting have always been a passion along with story writing and later poetry.  I even took to a bit of acting, singing and a bit of home movie-making before I lost some of my confidence towards the end of my time at school.

And apart from all that I’m also passionate about a whole bunch of stuff, and not all creative.  From reading and reviewing books, to discussing anything from philosophy right down to laughing at silly cat videos on the internet!  And that’s what this blog is all about.  I want it to be a place I can express myself.  My passions, my likes, dislikes and whatever the heck else I want to share!  Despite all my creativity and apparent confidence I’m actually a little shy and lost a lot of self-confidence after leaving school.  So I’m hoping that I can start to gain it all back by sharing a bit of me with you and I hope you’ll all enjoy sharing my blog and thoughts with me too 🙂 ❤ .

About Sharing/Using Content – Copyright Notice

All images of book covers are taken from sites such as NetGalley or the publishers own.  All other images on this site that do not have direct credit (e.g. ‘Photo from pixabay.com’) are my own.  These images are created by me and I own the sole copyright © for these images.  No images or text may be copied or reproduced anywhere without my written permission.  Any use of these images or text without my written permission is a violation of copyright law.  I have proof of ownership of these images and text.

All images including ‘Phoenix’ the Peacock and the feather used for rating books are copyrighted.  Basically…If you use these images (or any others I create), or any of my writing anywhere without my written consent…

My Peacock Books feather

Image of My Peacock Books logo - Phoenix the Peacock


You are STEALING and could face legal proceedings! 😮

Exception – Sharing Buttons

You may share any page or post you like from this website using the sharing buttons that appear below a blog post or this page.  Sharing a link to this site is completely allowed and I am more than happy to have people share these links back to my site 🙂



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