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Book Piracy: Why Does it Happen and What Can We Do to Stop It? #MPBooks

Last week a new website became a hot topic on Twitter.  The website offers free downloads of digital books, many of them by some very well known authors, but it does this without the permission of those authors or their publishers.  The website is offering pirated copies of books, and many are willing to take them, but is there anything that can be done to stop this piracy, and can the reasons people give for distributing or taking pirated books ever be justified?Read More »

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No I Will NOT Review Your Book! And Here’s Why… #MPBooks

Today’s post is a bit of a rant…

When asking for reviews for their books from bloggers and other influencers, authors can make a whole host of mistakes.  While there’s plenty of ways to go about asking for reviews, authors often don’t realise that it’s not just their chances of a review that’s at stake.  The whole way an author acts from asking for the review to receiving it affects how future bloggers/influencers will react to them.  So if you’re an author, you’d better beware, and don’t make the mistakes that this author has…Read More »

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The Importance of Reading Other Genres #MPBooks

I’ve always enjoyed certain genres more than others, I think everyone has favourites and we tend to stick to those favourites when looking for new books to read.  For me, I love science fiction, fantasy, action thrillers and young adult/teen books.  I’ve always enjoyed these genres above all others but it doesn’t mean I’m not open to reading others and there’s a reason why we all should try a different genre now and again.

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10 Reasons Why #BookBloggers Refuse to Review Indie Books #MPBooks

Before anyone gets upset by the above title, I’m not having a go at bloggers or trying to upset any indie authors out there. Instead I want to write a post to explore the reasons why book bloggers might refuse to review books, and this is especially the case sometimes with indie titles.

Not all book bloggers refuse to review books, not all book bloggers refuse to review indie books, but sometimes they do. And when a blogger does, there’s no point in being upset, if you’re an author, as there are always reasons behind it.

Below are 10 random reasons, some by own, others I’ve found online, for why bloggers might, and I stress might, refuse to review a book. If you’re an author, especially an indie author, it might be worth reading this, and if you are a book blogger, do you agree?

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When Talent’s Worth a Shout Out #MPBooks

This blog talks a lot about books but today I want to do something different and hopefully put a smile on your face with some fun and different music clips (there’s even a festive xmas one!) 🙂

When you see someone who’s talented, especially somebody local to your area, you can’t help but feel the need to mention them to everyone you know, especially if they put a smile on your face with that talent.  Back in the early 2000s I was visiting my local town centre frequently and was captivated by someone busking there.  I’d seen and heard lots of buskers over the years but most had never really captured more than a few seconds of my time, but that all changed with these guys.Read More »

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Free Books/ARCs Help the Publishing Industry so Stop Complaining! #MPBooks

After a pretty rough week health wise I decided to log into my Amazon UK account where I’ve been leaving reviews for books and other items for several years now. Unlike most days which are uneventful on the site though, yesterday I was met with a harsh ‘unhelpful’ vote on one of my most recent reviews along with a comment which stated:

“Your review would have carried more weight if you had put your hand in your pocket and actually bought a copy yourself!”Read More »

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The Gremlins in my Head #MPBooks

For most of yesterday I’ve been feeling like the cat in the picture.  I’ve had a splitting headache, found it hard to function and am struggling hard to shut out thoughts of guilt and sadness which have plagued me since I started coming down with something a few days ago.

I don’t like to admit I’m not feeling good, but the truth is that although the last few days of last week I’d been feeling positive, I started to come down with something and it seems relentless in wanting to put me on bed rest.  I feel like I’ve got a sleeping sickness, I’m just so tired all the time and when I sleep, which has been for most of the last two days, I don’t feel refreshed at all 😦Read More »