Blog Celebration! #MPBooks

My Peacock Books celebration banner

I have something to celebrate on this blog!  I have officially reached 100 wordpress followers! 😮 😀

100 followers badge
100 WordPress followers!

I got this fancy badge in a notification today and just wanted to spread the joy!

But that’s not the only news my blog has and I also have two other milestones!


500 likes badge


This badge came a few days before the 100 followers badge and I know it might mean little to some people, I’m really happy to get any kind of badge 🙂


1000 visits
Over 1000 hits!

The last little ‘yay’ moment has been My Peacock Books reaching 1000 visits to the blog!

Okay, so these milestones aren’t exactly huge, and I used to run a blog that had waaay more hits and followers than this one does, but for a blog that only began in April and hardly had any visits in the first weeks, I’m very happy with these badges and hope that more people will visit, like and comment on this blog 🙂

I’d like to thank every single person who’s made a visit to this blog and especially to my wonderful followers.  If it wasn’t for you guys this website would be a kind of diary rather than a blog and I really appreciate every single one of you and your visits and comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤

Image of My Peacock Books logo
Phoenix the Peacock


Oh and Phoenix says ‘Thank you’ too 🙂




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A Late May 2017 Round-Up #MPbooks

A (very late) round up of May and some news about the new month

Picture of reading in bed
I’ve been reading a LOT this month – Image from

Hi everyone!  I didn’t think I’d be away from my blog for this long but thankfully I’m back…sort of.  Well I’d be back if it wasn’t for my sketchy internet connection which keeps cutting out 😡  Anyway I thought I’d do a quick round up and look forward to next this month (June).

So, how was your May?  Mine was pretty good.  My definite highlight was this book:

Strange the Dreamer book cover
Click the cover to see my review!

This amazing fantasy book swept me up so much that it’s the first book I put in my blog’s new section called Best Ever Books!  There’s plenty of books I’d give 5 feathers to but sometimes there’s one like ‘Strange the Dreamer’ that you just can’t get out of your head and it’s a firm favourite for now and possibly the rest of the year unless another book can top it…? 😕

I’ve also added a new Poetry section to my blog too!  I’ve made it easier for you guys to find my poetry and I’ve even separated it into Light and Dark poems so you can pick what to read based on your mood 😎

Books in bed
Click on the picture to read the post!

And it’s a big deal for me but I wrote my first article/discussion post about YA books!  What Makes A Book Young Adult / YA Versus Just Adult? Please check it out if you haven’t already, I’m pretty proud of my article especially as it’s had quite a few views and is my most popular post to date 😀 !

So looking forward to June I’ve got some exciting books to read!  I’m actually drowning in books (can never have too many books >:D ) I’ve received lots of book post recently and have a pretty long list of books to read and take pictures off.  I’d post details here but it’s taken me literally hours to write up this post thanks to my internet and wordpress freezing on me 😦  But I can tell you I’ve got some pre-release books coming up!  Including these two indie titles, the first a fantasy book and the second a (I think farcical) comedy! :

The Lost Sentinel book coverA Singular Baptism book cover

So What books are you looking forward to reading this month?  Anyone read Alex Rider?  Is it any good?  I confess I never have but will be reading ‘Never Say Die’ thanks to Walker Books (check out tomorrows book haul post!)  And as usual a whole bunch of kids books picture books and I got more colouring books Yay! 😀

So what books and what kind are you reading this month?  Any big well known titles or are you looking forward to anything specific?

PS Have you noticed I learned how to use all the wordpress emojis 😮 😳 !! What’s the point of this one though? ➡

Enjoy! ^^’ 🐱 ❗ 😀 😛

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April 2017 Round-Up ~MPBooks

What I’ve been doing: Reading in (or on) bed – Image from

Hello everyone!  How has your week been?  Mine’s been pretty uneventful.  I’m not sure if anyone noticed my complete absence this last week, maybe nobody has as this blog’s still pretty new, but if you guys have well I’ve been a little under the weather…Well a LOT under the weather.  I’m not sure what happened but I was so ill I was stuck in bed and couldn’t even stare at a computer screen as it just hurt my eyes from the intense and horrible headaches and the ‘highlight’ of my week was almost vomiting into my dinner…Ok sorry for the gross image but that did happen…almost.  Anyway I’m better now (…I hope) and thank goodness, and I’m ready to start blogging again.

I thought I’d do a little celebration round up seeing as it’s the last day of the month 🙂  April’s been a great month for me and this blog, despite the week off ill.  On 8th My Peacock Books was officially launched and since then I’ve read a handful of great books and had some amazing people like, comment and follow this blog.  I’ve also attempted to write more poetry given the fact it was National Poetry Month and of course it was Easter too which is just fun all by itself 🙂

So what’s in store for next month?  More of the same of course, although I hope to not be sick during any of it.  I still have a bit of a mammoth book pile to get through, with a lot of books from Walker Books thanks to the super book haul I got a few weeks ago: check it out!  I’ve also got a few NetGalley books to review which aren’t quite out yet, but I’ll let you know about them when I’m closer to reviewing them 😀

Of course my blog’s not all kids and YA though, and although I love them, I was pining to read some fantasy books and I went to my local library and checked these out:

Strange the Dreamer book cover
Strange the Dreamer
Caraval book cover
Caraval UK book cover

I’m so excited I’ve started reading Strange the Dreamer already and I’m just loving it!  It’s got blue sprayed pages and it’s just soo engrossing, I’ll probably spend the next day or two just reading it and doing nothing else 🙂  I’m easing my self into next week, so I’m not 100% sure if I’ll have a post up for Monday Motivation this week but I hope to visit some blogs and I hope you’ll want to stick around and read anything I do post up ❤

So how has your week been?  What are you going to be reading?  Have you read Strange the Dreamer or Caraval yet?  Do you want to?  Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to have a conversation with you 🙂

Any thoughts?  Want to follow me elsewhere?  Please do! 🙂

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Happy #Easter! Sunday SumUp #MPBooks

A Happy Easter message, a thank you and more news…

Image above from

I’d like to say Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates the day whether religious or not I hope it is a good day for you, as I hope every day is ❤   I’d like to do a sum-up of this, my first week of blogging here but first here’s a special Easter picture to make you smile 🙂

Easter bunny with eggs
Happy Easter! Image from

Well, it’s been just over a week since I started this blog and wow I am touched and amazed to have so many of you wonderful people follow me or like my posts already.  I really appreciate you and want to get to know you all as I hope you’ll like to get to know me 🙂  I didn’t manage to get posts out every day this week even though I’d planned to because I got ill on Thursday night with a horrible bug which kept me in bed for a few days 😦  But I’m all better now and hope to continue blogging as often as I can 🙂

I’ll have a new #MondayMotivation post for you tomorrow.  It’s the one thing I’d like to keep regularly blogging every week.  I’ll also be adding some book reviews.  I have some kids books to show you, complete with pictures but I also have some adult and YA books and I’m currently reading this which is no. 1 book at the moment…

'The Hate U Give' book cover
The UK book cover

 I’m really excited reading this book, given what it’s about, the amazing reviews it’s already received and the fact it’s going to be turned into a movie!  Expect that review later this week!

I’m also going to add some other posts too.  Some colouring, poetry and maybe just my own ramblings and stuff.  I know I sound vague when it comes to the content of my blog but after running a blog which was all about book reviews (I might elaborate more on this in the future 😉 ) I like to do my own thing and it’s nice to share more of myself than just my reviews.  I hope you’ll all want to stick around and read, at least some, of what I write.

Thank you again for all the likes and follows and to everyone who took the time to see this blog.  You can follow me (and Phoenix the Peacock) in other places too 😀  Happy Easter and I hope you all have a great week!

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Hello & Welcome to My #NewBlog! of Books, Art, Poetry & Peacocks! #MPBooks

Introducing My Peacock Books!

Hello everyone! 😀  This is my new blog and my first ever blog post here!!!

I’m so excited and so is ‘Phoenix’ the Peacock!

Image of My Peacock Books logo
‘Oh yes I’m very excited too!’

I hope you’ll all want to stick around and check out my blog, even give it a follow if you like 🙂

What is this blog about?

Well it’s an easy question to answer:

Books, Art, Poetry & Peacocks!

But this blog’s going to be more than just that….  I love, LOVE my books so expect lots of book posts, reviews, hauls and other related stuff.

I also love art and have always been arty, my newest passion being colouring books so apart from the occasional art work I’ll share some colouring pics or something cool like that.

I’m an author and a writer of some unpublished work.  I love writing anything from short stories, to poetry and I’m even working on a novel right now.  I also do a fair bit of journalism (the newspaper kind – not the diary kind) so I might just write about…well…anything really 🙂

I’m also CRAZY about peacocks!!!!  Other animals too but peacocks are so beautiful and so amazing so I might just post a few peacock things too 😀

Of course I’m a deeper person that that and will have lots of other things on this blog besides including a lot of inspirational things and maybe some other fun stuff too!

Phoenix the Peacock?
Image of My Peacock Books logo
Phoenix the Peacock


Remember me mentioning Phoenix the Peacock?  Well he’s the official mascot (if you like) of My Peacock Books 🙂 .   All posts are checked and vetted by him before they’re published so I hope you’ll get to know and like Phoenix and his occasional popping up in posts 🙂  Why is a peacock called Phoenix?  Find out in my About page 😀

Why start this blog?

That’s easy but also a tough question to answer for me.  I’m not a first time blogger.  I started a blog in the past, I didn’t like it and had some bad experiences with it (I might talk more about that in the future) so I decided to start again with this blog and fingers crossed that people will love it as much as I’ve loved putting it all together.

I can’t wait to share a bunch of blog posts with everyone.  Although my blog’s firmly about Books, Art, Poetry & Peacocks I want it to be more than that.  My little corner of the web where I can share a bit of myself with all of you, some inspiring things as well as my own silly sense of humour and opinion of things 🙂   I’m not sure how I’ll go about it yet.  I don’t know if I’ll stick to a schedule or not.  I’ll probably start off slow and maybe try to do a weekly #MondayMotivation post (I love inspirational posts, quotes, etc.).   Let’s see how that goes.  But whatever happens I hope to get to know you all and I hope you’ll all want to get to know me too 🙂

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