Review Policy/Submissions

Thank you for visiting!  I review fiction, non-fiction and colouring books (and products on another blog).  If you’d like me to review something please read the below before submitting your request.  Please also give me a few days to respond-I currently run this blog single-handed. 🙂

Please note: I live in the UK and prefer hard copies of books.  I can only read digital copies of books in exceptional circumstances – due to current health problems.

Book Reviews

I’m open to receiving requests for book reviews from all publishers/publicists.   I am also open to receiving requests from authors who are traditionally published as well as those I have worked with before/whose book(s) I have reviewed before. (see suitable genres below).
However I am NOT currently open to review requests from self published authors, sorry.

I am currently only able to review physical hard copies of books/proofs so please do not send requests for digital copies unless you are from a larger publishing company and we can discuss this.  If you are an author requesting a review, I’d prefer to be sent any book by the publisher’s where possible (I’d like some privacy over my own private address, I’m sure you can understand 🙂 )


I review a wide variety of books on this blog including Children’s, YA, Colouring and adult books (please note colouring book reviews may in future be moved to my other blog My Peacock Living).  While I’m open to many different genres my preferred ones are below:

Preferred Genres
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Picture Books (Children’s, grown-up,art,graphic novels, etc.)
  • YA (All YA Genres welcome!)
  • Historical Fiction
  • Thriller
  • Action/Adventure
  • History
  • Autobiography/biography
  • Self Help
  • Anything with animals
  • Anything with cultural/social issues.

If you have books that fall out of these genres then you are free to still contact me but please do not send me book requests of the following:

Books I Won’t Review
  • Erotica
  • Anything with crude humour/content
  • Anything with crude/rude cover images including swear words (while swearing/some sex may be inside a book please make sure it is minimal.  I also do not wish to shock blog visitors with images and any such content will be mentioned as a warning in my reviews.)


If you are sending me a book which has some images/artwork inside then please note I take 2-3 photographs of the interior of the book to show in my reviews as well as images of the book for use on Instagram.

And finally…

  • I’m afraid I can’t send back any book copies I receive.
  • While I try to review books as close to release date/date after receiving as possible, I’m not able to guarantee a date for a review unless discussed and given a long time ahead (ie for blog tours, etc.).
  • I will not accept money for reviewing an item.  I DO state in my reviews that I received a free item.
  • I will rate a book with whatever feather rating I choose.  This does NOT mean I will give a positive review.
  • All reviews, pictures and the text and images are all copyright ©My Peacock Books and its creator. No images or text may be copied or reproduced anywhere without my written permission or you will be violating copyright law. Original cover and box images remain the copyright of their original owners.

Product Reviews

For product reviews please see my other blog My Peacock Living.

Author Interviews

I occasionally interview authors on this blog however I prefer to interview authors who’s work I have had the chance to read as some of my questions are about their latest work.  If you are an author please see the above guidelines on the types of book requests I do but please note I only interview a few authors at this time and any request made is not guaranteed.

Other Submissions

I currently post my own content on this blog.  I am open to the future possibility of posting other content though, including blog tours so do contact me if you are interested.  However if it is book related please note I will only post of books I am interested in.

How to Contact Me

Either send me an email to or please use the contact form below 🙂

Don’t forget to include links to your site and any other relevant links.

*If you do not hear back from me don’t take it personally.  I am either unable to review your book or the email got lost in the servers (it’s happened to me 😮 )