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#BookReview: My First 123 by Shirley Hughes #MPBooks

My First 123 book coverTitle: My First 123

Author/Illustrator: Shirley Hughes

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Young Children’s picture book

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Description: Learning to count is easy – at the seaside, on the bus, playing with friends or at home with Mum.  It’s fun learning to count anytime, anywhere, as Katie and her little brother Olly discover.

My Review:  This is a great book that teaches young kids how to count to ten. Katie and her baby brother teach kids how to count, with lots of great pictures and an easy way for kids to learn to count. Each page or double page represents one number. The number is shown in the top left hand corner of the book along with dots, as many large dots as the number represents, so three dots for the number 3. Below the number is a fun illustration showing the number in use such as four kittens. There is also a short description with the number shown in letters (two instead of 2) in bold print. Each page gives kids several ways to remember each number and I love the way this book does this so simply.

Fun and clear images

The illustrations in this book are very fun but also have a dated feel. The characters all have clothes and a look that says ’80s to me despite this being printed more recently. This is due to the fact that Katie and Olly first appeared in children’s books in the ’80s but I don’t know if this would put off some young kids today. At the back of the book as well as the first double page before the main ‘story’ there is a diagram, a sort of index of each of the numbers. The number as well as a set of dots and a little picture give kids more chances to count and I really like this little index.

More fun images to help with understanding numbers

I do like this book, much more than Shirley Hughes ‘My First ABC’. Despite the old-fashioned pictures I really do like the way this book makes it so easy for kids to remember their numbers up to 10. There are so many chances to count, either the dots or the objects in the picture and having the numbers written in letters too makes this a great book for kids and one I think I would have liked as a child. Overall a great first numbers book!

The fun index! 🙂

-Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy.

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