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#PhotoChallenge: An Unlikely Urban Visitor #MPBooks #Photo #Photography

MPB Pheasant
An unlikely visitor! Image © My Peacock Books

A walk in the suburbs, not too far from a town centre, was an uneventful thing, something I’d done many times where I used to live.Read More »

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#BookReview: The Christmas Guest by Daisy Bell #MPBooks

The Christmas Guest book coverTitle: The Christmas Guest

Author: Daisy Bell

Publisher: Quercus

Genre: Contemporary, Christmas,

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Description:  When Teddy runs away from home a week before Christmas, he is confronted by a cold, scary and oh, so big world.
Then he finds the Woods family.  With their kind hearts and cosy cottage, Teddy forms a special bond with Claire and Ben, but it’s in little Emily that he finds the best friend he needs.
But Emily is ill, and raising a puppy is hardly a priority for her stressed parents.  If only he can prove to them how much happier he can make them all, Teddy might just find his forever home this Christmas…

My Review:  I love this book!! It’s like the perfect tale for Christmas, and reminds me of all those heart warming Christmas movies! A puppy finds himself alone in the cold countryside just a week before Christmas. He decided to run away from home, to have a great adventure, but now he feels terrible, cold and lonely, until he meets the Woods family.

This book has such a heart warming story that it’s perfect for any age to read it. Told in the first person with the puppy being the narrator it begins with a quick prologue of the puppy being all alone and beginning to regret its decision to run away. This is then followed by the first chapter, titled ‘Eight Days Until Christmas’, every chapter after that is another day before Christmas. The whole story takes place over the course of just one week but every day is filled with so much happening.

Teddy, as the puppy later becomes known, is a very cute little puppy but is also untrained and doesn’t understand the human world that well. He finds himself on the doorstep of the Woods family home and desperately wants to be a part of their family, but the family have problems of their own and he can’t help but create all sorts of trouble in the way that puppies do. There is something really fun and unique about the story being told from the point of view of the dog and it’s this that really makes the book a fun read. It also puts an interesting perspective on the way humans do things and our interactions with pets and in particular dogs.

As the story progresses you learn about Emily, the Woods’ daughter and how sick she is. Teddy knows he is supposed to be the family dog, but with Emily’s illness the family find it hard enough to take care of their daughter and Teddy has an uphill struggle to convince the family that he is meant to be their dog. I won’t reveal more of the plot but the way the story plays out is just lovely and also very engrossing. Not only does Teddy have to deal with getting the family to accept him but there are also moments with other animals, especially a cat named Martha which led to some funny things happening in the story. There is a lovely backstory to Teddy’s previous life in the first chapter which makes you laugh but also feel for this poor puppy who just wants to be loved and accepted.

I loved reading this story right until it’s lovely end, the fact that so much happens in just one day really drove me on to continue reading and although I wasn’t sure I was going to be that into the book when I started reading it, I soon found I couldn’t put it down, desperately wanting to know what would happen next. The story has some lovely and funny moments, especially when Teddy observes things that humans do or say without understanding them. There are also some tenser, sadder moments which keep you reading until the end to see if things do work out the way you hope.

Although the ending is predictably happy, I really didn’t mind with this book and there are still moments when you don’t know what will happen. The overall story is such an uplifting one though, it’s like the perfect Christmas tale. It not only puts a smile on your face but also makes you tear up at the end too. The book is perfect for any age to read as there’s nothing at all offensive and I think many ages will enjoy this story. Part of me wishes it would be turned into a film just so I could see the cute puppy and the lovely tale unfold!

At the back of the book there’s a Christmas interview with the author, with Christmas related questions, along with recipes not only for human Christmas treats but dog ones too, and how to make a dog toy which is just a wonderful extra to get before Christmas! There is also an added piece of text talking about the history and comeback of the Christmas jumper which I have to say I found interesting as it’s fascinated me how they are popular again after being laughed at when I was young.

I would recommend to anyone who wants the perfect book to read for Christmas. There is nothing bad I can say about this book, it’s a funny, cosy and a heart warming read and perfect for anyone but especially those that love animals. It’s also one of those sort of ‘Christmas miracle’ type stories which make you smile and with a tale told from the point of view of the puppy, it’s just such an amazing and lovely read! Plus the cover is just too cute!!!
-Thanks to Bookbridgr and the publisher for a free copy.

Do you love the cover? 😀

Do you enjoy books with animals in them?  How about books with Christmas?  Would you like to read this book?  Please let me know your thoughts I’d love to hear from you 🙂 

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#Colouring: The Aviary Peacock #MPBooks

The Aviary Peacock
Colouring outline from ‘The Aviary’ – Colouring © My Peacock Books

This is a coloured in peacock from the colouring book called ‘The Aviary’.  It’s filled with realistic images of birds and is published by LOM Art an imprint of Michael O’Mara books.  I did this piece of colouring and took a picture a while ago now but recently looked back and was impressed with my own colouring skills (is that weird?).

What do you think of the peacock?  Would Phoenix the Peacock approve do you think? 🙂
(p.s. apologies for the general light tint on the picture, fault of the light in the room, and the slight shadow in the middle bottom of the pic)

Do you like my colouring in?  What about the original peacock image?  Please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you.  You can also find me in these places: 

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Pedestrian Pigeons

#Photo Challenge: Pedestrian Pigeons #Photography #MPBooks

Pedestrian Pigeons
Pedestrian Pigeons – Image © My Peacock Books

This is the first photo challenge I’ve ever done on wordpress so I hope everyone likes it.  The theme for this week’s challenge is pedestrian and I have my own little take on the pedestrian world – pigeons!  Love them or hate them (I personally love them) they are part of our towns and cities and help clean up the crumbs of food dropped on the street.  They’re also intelligent birds…well some of the time 😛 🙂

I actually love watching pigeons, I even visited Trafangar Square in London when I was younger.  Back them it was famous for the birds and stalls sold seed you could feed to them, I had several eating from my hands!!  They are smart and resilient birds which should be given some respect.  Pigeon chicks look very strange, by the way, different from most chicks which look a little cuter, and I think we’d all like them a little bit more if we saw more positive nature programs about them.  🙂

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope this image has brightened up your morning, and I hope you have a great week!

What to you think of my picture?  Does it speak ‘pedestrian’ to you?  What would you put for this week’s photo challenge?  Please let me know your thoughts I’d love to hear from you 🙂 You can also follow me in these places: 

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#BookReview: Kancil The Mouse Deer by Marie McLisky #MPBooks

Kancil The Mouse Deer book coverTitle: Kancil The Mouse Deer

Author: Marie McLisky

Publisher: Austin Macauley

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

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Description: In the green Java Jungle, far far away,
comes Kancil, the mouse deer, in the dim light of day,
to roam through the forest, eating shrubs, shoots and leaves,
in addition to fruits, which have fallen from trees.

But Harimou the tiger is watching Kancil. Watching and waiting to pounce…

My Review:  I really love this book. ‘Kancil The Mouse Deer’ is a fun children’s picture book with great rhyming and some cute illustrations. The book is about A5 in size, I have the paperback version.

The story of Kancil (pronounced: can-chil) The Mouse Deer is a simple one and is actually based on a traditional folktale from Indonesia and Malaysia. Kancil is a cute little creature who spends time eating shrubs, leaves and fruit in the jungle, but Harimou the tiger is watching Kancil and pounces on him threatening to eat him. But Kancil is a clever mouse deer and manages to trick Harimou to escape.

Cute image along with some of the fun rhyming.

This book really reminds me of The Gruffalo! The whole story idea of cleverly escaping and outwitting the creature that wants to eat you by talking to them is the same but yet the way Kancil does this with Harimou is clever and different to The Gruffalo. The text is very simple and easy to read and also rhymes throughout which really makes this book much more fun.

There are some lovely colourful illustrations throughout the book on some lovely glossy, good quality, paper. The illustrations are on every page along with the text. I really do love the pictures they aren’t too complicated and yet still have quite a lot of detail in them. I like the pictures as they just look fun and cute and Kancil especially looks cute  when you see how small he is compared to Harimou.

Images of Harimou!

I think kids would enjoy this book and plenty of adults might enjoy reading it too (I did!). I think I am extra drawn to this tale because of the fact it is based on a folk tale and although the story in this is a bit short, it’s a lovely tale and I’d love to see more clever adventures of Kancil.

-Thanks to Austin Macauley for a free copy

(On a side note if do a search for mouse deer you’ll see how cute this creature is and how good the illustrations in this book really are!)

What do you think?  Do you find Kancil the Mouse Deer cute?  Would you want to read it?  Let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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