A Publisher’s Apology and A Chance to See My Old Blog #MPBooks

Celebrating an apology long sought after and you get to see which blog I used to run.

Hello everyone, today I’m in a celebratory mood as I finally received a public apology for the misprint trouble I had with a publisher and I wanted to share the joy with everyone 😀 !  For those that don’t know what happened you can read more details in this post (opens in a new tab) but I’ll give an explanation here.

Before I do that though I will say that in telling you what happened I can’t help but reveal the name of my old blog.  It shouldn’t be a big deal (it doesn’t feel like it to me) but it might seem like a big deal to one or two individuals who are following this blog…You see I’m terrible at keeping up with who’s following my blog and I only just properly checked my blog followers today and noticed that two or three names followed my old blog and now this one without knowing it’s me 😮  So I’m sorry if anyone feels weird that I didn’t tell you – I’m just really bad at noticing who my new followers are (plus I’m terrible remembering everyone’s screen names 😮 😦 !)

An apology worth fighting for…

Anyway let’s get to it.  This last month I battled to get an apology after a publisher printed my review in their catalogue while crediting another website! 

A long while ago the publisher Austin Macauley approached me for a review of their book ‘The Belt Boy’.  This book blew me away and I gave it a well deserved 5 star rating despite not being my usual taste in books (it’s a sports autobiography).  However the review was a success, gaining masses of views, especially when it was reprinted by two blogs which had asked permission first and linked back to my site Happymeerkatreviews.

That was last year, but this year, in early 2017, I was approached by the publisher of the book.  They loved my review so much that they asked to print it in their catalogue which was going to be distributed at the London Book Fair in March.  Of course I jumped at the chance and agreed (think of the exposure!) but only on the condition that it was clear that the review had come from my blog with a web address attached.

They agreed but March came and went and I assumed, having not heard from them (they promised to send me a copy of the catalogue if it appeared in there) that my review wasn’t used.  No problem I thought, but last month I decided to casually browse their online catalogue (available as a pdf download) and found my review there, word for word – it was definitely my review, but at the bottom it said: Originally review from the42.ie

AM Belt Boy review original image
Review credited to another site 😦

Now the website mentioned is a very popular (given how many followers there are) sports website in Ireland.  I didn’t blame them and I’ve never contacted the website in question.  But I did contact the publisher.  As I’m sure you can all appreciate, I was very upset and wrote stating so, and questioned whether I should even review for them anymore.

They did apologise in the email, but I wanted more than a personal apology.  I wanted a public apology.  Plenty of people would have picked up their catalogue at the London Book Fair and might have wanted to find the writer of that review, so I wanted the mistake acknowledged publicly.  However the publisher wasn’t keen, not at first.  You can read more about the struggle I had in my previous blog post Is Sorry Really the Hardest Word? Does a Blogger Deserve an Apology?

I don’t want to go into details of what happened next, but a lot more conversation continued until finally the publisher agreed to give the apology!  They apologised on both Twitter and Facebook last week and although it took longer than I thought it would, they’ve finally admitted their mistake.  They’ve also amended the online catalogue so it now shows the right blog and address:

AM Belt Boy review fixed
Review now credited to Happymeerkatreviews 🙂

Why was it important to get an apology?

Apart from the fact that it is a violation of copyright law to post something without giving credit to the creator of the work (if those are the conditions of the permission given), I also didn’t want to be seen as plagiarising another website.  You see, this other sports website has far more followers than Happymeerkatreviews and if people believed the original review came from there, they might have thought that I had copied the review onto my site – not a good thing at all!  So it was important for the mistake to be clearly acknowledged.

Now, if I’m honest I could still be picky about how long it took them to apologise or about how some email conversations went, but I’d rather focus on the future.  Should this mistake have happened in the first place?  No.  Should they have apologised earlier?  Yes.  But the problem’s been fixed as much as it can and I feel it’s more important to move forward and feel positive than focus on the negative details of what happened (not the way I used to think when I run Happymeerkatreviews – improvement no? 😀 ).  Besides, there’s always the option of ranting one day if things turn sour, lol 😛

One message has come out of all of this for me though and it is this:

If you believe something is worth fighting for.  Fight for it. – MyPeacockBooks

I’m sure that quote’s been used a hundred times by a hundred different people, but I’m saying it today and I stand by it!

So, there it is!  An apology on both Twitter and Facebook (shown below) and now everyone knows what blog I used to run too 😮  I’m thinking of writing up a blog post about why I quit my old blog, a bit of insight into the pitfalls of blogging and what to do if you feel trapped/fed up (no you don’t have to start again like I did! 😛 )  So watch out of for that.  Plus I have an amazon related blog post that’s in the middle of being written – something to look forward to as well as more book reviews and stuff including a new book haul!! 🙂

Here are the apologies:

Austin Macauley apology facebook
Apology on Facebook
Austin Macauley apology twitter
Apology on Twitter

Let me know what you think about what happened, I’d love to hear all opinions so let’s talk.  If you’re an old follower of Happymeerkatreviews, I’d love to hear from you too.  How do you like the new site, and my new attitude? 🙂 

I want to thank you again for everyone who follows this blog and a special thank you for all the support I’ve had through this publisher issue.  Your support means a lot to me and I hope you continue to enjoy reading My Peacock Books.  Phoenix says thank you too…

Image of My Peacock Books logo
“Thank you for following My Peacock Books!!  We love having you here” 🙂

Let’s chat!   I’m also online in in these places:

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NOTE: I’ll be updating the book reviews section of this site (bit behind in doing so) plus my Google, Goodreads and Pinterest accounts today and tomorrow – just in case it looks…er…messy later 🙂

My Recent Absence & July 2017 Round-up #MPBooks

A slightly early sum up of July plus what’s planned for next month and why I’ve been away.

Reading in bed
Image from Pexels.com

Hi everyone!  Sorry for my recent absence.  Some of you may have noticed I disappeared for the last week or two and have only visited one or two blogs briefly.  I didn’t think I was going to be away, a lot of things happening personally plus a lot of packing as I’m moving soon (fingers crossed).  I’ve had several things happen both online and offline and it kept me away from the blog but I hope you don’t all think I’m ignoring you 😦 , I just haven’t had the time to blog anything recently, apart from that one blog post for ‘The Upstairs Room’ yesterday.  So I thought I’d do my July round up a few days before July ends, to let you know what’s happening now I’m back into blogging and I hope you’ll all want to stick around and read some of these posts.

Typewritter sorry messageSo, the first BIG news is that problem I’ve been having with a certain publisher who gave credit to someone else for an old review I wrote (on my previous blog) has been resolved!  You can read more about the issue here, although I’ll be putting up a new blog post very soon to let you know what happened.  Amazingly the post about this issue has been July’s most popular blog post!

Girl happy at laptop deskArticles have once again been the most popular posts this month.  My article Commenting on WordPress Blogs without using WordPress has been the second most popular!

Invisible headI personally loved writing my article Do You Have Ghosts following you? which was inspired by a fellow blogger’s post about those pesky ghost followers that never seem to interact with your blog.  I’d recommend it for a bit of a fun read!

A lot of the books I planned to leave reviews for this month got left in the drafts folder on wordpress.  I’ve written the posts but needed to add the photos to a lot of picture and colouring books posts and because I wasn’t logged in to WordPress for long enough to do anything they remained in the drafts folder until next month! D’oh!  This of course means I have a whole bunch of book reviews I’m going to flood at you this week and next, so I hope you don’t mind that, I know there’s a lot of you who love the picture book reviews so I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Speaking of picture book reviews, my favourite picture books of this month have been The Greedy Goat and Kiki and Bobo’s Sunny Day.

The Greedy Goat book coverKiki and Bobo's Sunny Day book cover

I have no idea why I liked these two books so much but something about them touched me, especially the funny pictures in ‘The Greedy Goat’!

Nemesis book coverI also loved the sci-fi thriller YA Nemesis which had just the right amount suspense and intrigue to really keep me hooked and reading it!  I’d recommend it but it’s a bit of a cliffhanger ending, there needs to be another book written and I’m not sure if one is planned yet so I’m crossing my fingers!

I have a lot of things planned for the next month, I’ll hopefully get out all the existing reviews I left behind so will hopefully catch up with all that, plus I am really hoping to be able to write some articles that have been in my head for some time.  I want to go further with my What Makes a Book YA/Young Adult Versus Just Adult? which is still my most popular blog post to date – thank you everyone who’s read it! 😀  I’ve got an idea about a couple of Amazon related posts to do with reviews which might interest anyone who uses amazon.  I also have some other stuff planned in my head but how much of that will happen depends on how much time I can get to write it all.  But of course I’ll be writing about the Publisher issue soon.

I also hope I’ll be able to participate more with you guys in the future.  I’ve been thinking about a collaboration (perhaps with lots of other blogs in the future) although I wanted to apologise to the wonderful Bella for not being able to get into it this month – hopefully next month ❤   I might also take part in a book tag post – I’m not usually into Awards and Tags but this one I might do as I think answering the question will be fun! :p


I also hope to write more creative stuff for you.  I’m a bit disappointed that a poem I put a lot of heart into – Goodbye Dear Soul – wasn’t really enjoyed by many people this month, but it seems my darker poetry has more fans than the more heartfelt/lighter poems.  😮

And of course lots more reading is planned, though I hope I’m not plagued by any more headaches which made reading in the last two weeks (when I had time) very difficult 😦 .

Thank you image
Image from Pixabay.com

Thank you to everyone who follows, likes and comments this blog, most importantly thank you to anyone who reads what I write.  I really appreciate having you guys reading my work and I look forward to reading yours too 🙂

I almost forgot…One more great thing that happened is this blog has now had 2,000 hits!  Okay, so that might not be much to some of you, but I celebrate every little achievement so whooo!  And thank you! 😀

Let me know how your July has gone in the comments below.  What are you looking forward to in August? 

I’d love to hear from you so please comment below.  You can find me in in these places too:

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Do You Have Ghosts Following You? #MPBooks

Are there people following your blog who don’t interact? What are ghost followers and are they worth worrying about?

Invisible head
Image from Pixabay.com

No this isn’t about literal ghosts but about the blogging kind.  I recently read a post by a blogger complaining about ‘Ghost Followers’. What is a Ghost Follower? These are people who follow your blog without liking or commenting on any posts, essentially an invisible follower. The blogger was complaining about the lack of interaction they get from ghost followers and I even read that the blogger felt it necessary to delete those ghost followers from their blog as they were very keen in interactions with other people, something the ghost follower doesn’t do.

This blog post made me think though, would I delete a ghost follower? The answer to me is simple: no. The reason I wouldn’t delete a ghost follower from my blog is because I’ve frequently been a ghost follower myself. So today I thought I’d come up with a list of the types of ghost followers there may be following your blog, based on my own behaviour and that I’ve observed in others. We all would like followers who constantly interact with every post, but in reality it doesn’t always happen, so here are my ideas of the types of ghost followers you may have:

The Late Ghost Follower

Fact is we’re all busy people these days, some more than others. The late ghost will follow your blog but be late in doing so. I’m not always able to keep up with the blogs I follow so I choose to bulk-visit sometimes which means I read a bunch of blog posts from the same blog all in one go. I bulk-visit my wordpress feed too, spending specific days catching up with the content I missed earlier that week/month.

The Busy Ghost Follower

The busy ghost just has too much of their time taken up with other things (realife-family, work, etc.) to visit everyone’s blog religiously. The busy ghost appears similar to the late ghost but the difference is that they don’t always catch up with old blog posts instead just reading on days they can versus days they can’t. Don’t be upset if someone doesn’t like or comment on all your posts. Chances are their lives are just really busy and the busy ghost does their best to follow you when they can.

The Choosy Ghost Follower

These people love to read only some of your posts and ignore others. It’s especially common on blogs with different types of content available like mine. Some followers only choose to read the book posts, others will gravitate to poetry, or articles, or colouring, etc. If a choosy ghost loves to read my book reviews but hates the poetry they’ll ‘ghost’ all the poetry posts until I post another review.

The Logged Out Ghost Follower

As the name suggests these people do read your posts but aren’t always logged in to wordpress to react to them. I sometimes have a few minutes here and there to read a post but I don’t have time to log into my account. Thanks to email notifications I can find new blog posts easily or I might just have a shortcut link to blogs I follow too.  Fact is some of your followers may simply be logged out and haven’t got time (or aren’t bothered) to log in to like or comment on something.

The Moody Ghost Follower

This isn’t moody in the bad sense but I sometimes struggle and go through phases of depression where I don’t feel like interacting with anyone so I simply don’t.  Or sometimes I don’t even feel like reading your posts yet as I’m not in the right frame of mind.  It doesn’t mean I won’t interact at a later date or don’t enjoy your content. I simply don’t feel in the mood to read or comment on something at that moment.  Or maybe I don’t feel able to answer a post properly if it’s something I’d like to comment on.  Either way the Moody Ghost may just not be in the mood right now.

The Hiding Ghost Follower

Yep, some people might try to hide the fact they are online so they don’t want to interact with anyone’s blog at all as that would give away the fact they are online! I confess I have done this in the past on my old blog sometimes when I was facing difficult questions or interactions on my own blog and basically didn’t want to answer anyone without thinking carefully about what to reply.  I didn’t want people to think I was actively ignoring them for liking or commenting on other blog posts so I ‘hid’, pretending I wasn’t really online – the shame! 😮

The I Just Discovered You Ghost Follower

Sometimes someone just discovers your blog but doesn’t have time to read your posts yet so they follow in the hopes of catching up at a later date. They don’t want to lose your blog url among the hundreds of other sites they’ve visited so follow you to remember your site so they can come back and check you out when they have time.

The I Think I Like You Ghost Follower

The sister (or brother) to the I Just Discovered You Ghost Follower, this ghost just found your blog and thinks they’ll like reading your content but isn’t sure yet, so rather than reading back older blog post entries they’d simply like to start following you in the hopes of finding out whether you’re a blogger they’d like to follow.

The Follow Everyone Ghost Follower

This ghost will follow back everyone who follows them and even follow back those that interact with their posts just once. These people will follow you back because they think it’s the right thing to do, or to be nice, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be interested in reading your posts.

The Hateful Ghost Follower

Okay, maybe hateful is a strong word but these people will sometimes choose to follow a blog because they don’t actually like you. It’s unlikely to happen if you don’t post anything that anyone would disagree with or find offensive but sometimes I’ve found the views or some people so crazy and weird that I can’t help but follow them as I’m curious what they’ll say next.

The Can’t Be Bothered Ghost Follower

These are sometimes the sisters (or brothers) to the Hateful Ghost Followers.  Rather than dislike you but follow you out of fascination these are people who did follow your blog in the past but for whatever reason don’t care to anymore.  Whether that’s because they don’t like you anymore, you angered them with your views, or they simply stopped caring about what content you posted, these ghosts still follow your blog  for one reason – they can’t be bothered to un-follow you.  As daft and simple as it seems some people will never use the un-follow button, even if they should.

The Copy-Cat Ghost Follower

It’s rare and sometimes flattering but some people will follow a blog to see how it’s done and copy you in a way. These ghosts are often new to bloggerland and can’t help but want to follow in the hopes of copying someone’s style or ideas. This isn’t usually a problem unless they start copying your blog posts too, if they do then there may be a reason to delete them from your follower list, unless you enjoy it of course!

The I Forgot About You Ghost Follower

If you’re not a blogger who posts regularly, say once a week or less then some of your ghost followers could be the I Forgot About You Ghosts.  These are people who simply forgot they were following your blog.  It’s especially easy to forget if they didn’t know you well to begin with and your one blog post a week gets lost among hundreds of others they follow.

The Please Like Me Ghost Follower

These ghosts are more sinister than their name suggests.  They are fellow bloggers who want you to follow them so they follow you. Confusing right? I’ve noticed this happens a lot on twitter but now on WordPress too. WordPress notifies me when someone’s followed my blog, telling me who they are and a link to their blog. This lets me hop on over to their site to see if it’s a blog I’d like to follow myself.  Without the notification (and the follow) it’s rare that I’d find this new (to me) blogger’s site. So it’s a clever way these ghosts use to get you to notice them. It’s unlikely that the Please Like Me ghost will ever actually interact with your blog but they sure do want you to interact with theirs! 😮 😡

So that’s it, my list of your potential ghost followers.  What do you think?  Have you noticed any of these ghosts following your blog? Are YOU one of these ghosts? Let’s chat I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you want you can find me in these places too:

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Mid-July 2017 Round-up #MPBooks

A quick catch-up with what’s been happening.

Reading in bed
Image from Pexels.com

Okay so I don’t usually do a mid-month round-up and I’ll still do a proper one for July at the end of the month but I thought I’d give everyone a quick explanation of what’s been happening as I’m sure some of you have noticed my absence this past week.  It turns out my summer’s become very busy and my blogging and reading has taken a bit of a backseat while everything’s happening.   I’d like to first apologise for not visiting everyone’s blogs much recently, to those I follow I will do my best to catch up, I’ve just been so busy I’ve not yet had time to reply to messages but I will ❤

I’m still going to be blogging but for the next few weeks I might be a little on-off with how often I can get blog posts out.  I’ll be setting up posts by scheduling them to go up at 9am as often as I can.  That’s my usual time for posting a blog entry in case anyone likes to know.  However the occasional blog post might mistakenly be published at the wrong hour (like this one) if I hit the ‘publish’ rather than the ‘schedule’ button.

I’ll post as often as possible and I might be able to schedule quite a few blog posts so it won’t appear like I’m offline much but I just wanted to warn you as I might be a bit slow in replying or reading other’s blogs.  As far as reading other blogs I realise I’m a Late or Busy Ghost – that will make sense in tomorrow’s (Sunday’s) blog post so please check it out, you might find it funny.

Nemesis book coverI’m currently reading ‘Nemesis’ by Brendan Reichs a YA thriller which has me hooked at the moment.  I’m almost completely finished reading it (I was supposed to have read it already but am behind with all my reading!) so when I’m done look out for a review of this book.

The Upstairs Room book coverAnother book you can look forward to being reviewed this month is ‘The Upstairs Room’ by Kate Murray-Browne.  I’ll be happy to give everyone a review of this soon as it’s coming out at the end of the month so watch out for that post!


I’ll be bringing you a belated book haul post too from the wonderful Walker Books.  If you head on over to my instagram page you can get a sneak peak of the books that’ll be in the book haul post and of course you can always give me a follow if you like 😉   I’m still new to instagram, not the most fabulous photos yet but I am sometimes a little creative with my shots 🙂

Typewritter sorry message
Is Sorry Really the Hardest Word? Does a Blogger Deserve an Apology?

Apart from that I have got a few blog posts in mind (apart from the usual ones) one of which is a further development in what’s happened with the publisher who refused to apologise for wrongfully crediting my review to another website.  If you haven’t read about it already please do (click here) and give me your thoughts, I’ll certainly be posting mine up soon.

That’s it for my quick July mid-month round-up.  I want to thank everyone who follows this blog and thank those who like and comment here too.  It’s knowing someone is reading these posts that keeps me coming back here.  I’ll be as active as I can over the summer (at least the next few weeks) and hopefully all will settle down soon and you’ll not notice my recent absence 🙂

How is your July so far?  Got anything planned for the rest of the month?

tennis racket and ball
Image from Pixabay.com

By the way – is anyone watching Wimbledon this year?  If so who do you/ did you want to win?  Let me know I’m tennis mad I am 😀

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Commenting on WordPress Blogs without using WordPress #MPBooks

Did you know you can comment on Wordpress blogs using your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts? Find out how.

Girl happy at laptop desk
Image from Pixabay.com

So after being a passenger on this wordpress train for about a year and a half (counting my old blog and this one) I’ve come to learn some cool and simple things that some of you may or may not know.  I’d love to start sharing some of these with you.  If they are useful then please pass it on, or share if you would like 🙂

Commenting without using WordPress

Did you know that you don’t need a wordpress account to comment on a wordpress blog?  Most people currently following this blog will probably have a wordpress account, but I know some of you don’t.  Some know My Peacock Books through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other ways too.  If you don’t have a wordpress account, do you really need to get one to comment on this blog (or in fact any wordpress.com and .org blog)?

The simple answer to the above question is: no.  As anyone who’s ever visited a wordpress site while not logged in will know, you can usually leave a comment in the comment box by typing it in and then adding your name and email address.  But I’ve discovered you can also comment using your own Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account!  And it’s really easy to do.

How  change the commenting account

When you scroll down to the comments box on any Wordpress blog post (this only works when viewing the proper webpage not the WordPress reader) you type in your comment, but before clicking ‘post comment’ press the little button that says ‘change’:

Click on the ‘change’ button to switch to social media accounts.


Now click on the type of account you want to use, the options are WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  don’t worry about being logged into your social media account, if you are not you’ll be prompted to do so.

Click on the account you want to use to post a comment.


Once you’ve selected the account you want to use, a new window will open up asking you to log in.  I chose to use Twitter in my example.  WordPress may then ask you to authorise it to use your Twitter (or other) account for posting comments, just click ‘Authorize app’.

Now you can see that I am logged into twitter and ready to post a comment using my Twitter account 🙂

Changing commenting account image three
Now commenting using Twitter 🙂 !


Now when I post a comment it shows my Twitter icon as well as my Twitter name 🙂

Commented with Twitter
Commented using Twitter account.


So commenting with your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account is really easy and perfect for those who don’t have a WordPress blog 🙂

But should you allow people to comment on your blog if they aren’t WordPress users?  I say why not?  Although some of you might want only WordPressers to comment, I think it’s a good idea to allow everyone to comment as there are plenty of people who don’t use wordpress.  Many of my followers are Blogger (BlogSpot) bloggers and I’d love to see their names and profile pics when they comment on this blog.  WordPress has a pretty good spam filter which works most of the time so I really don’t see why you shouldn’t allow everyone to comment on your blog.  

Of course it’s up to you and whatever you decide, make sure your blog has the right settings for comments.

How to check your blog’s comment settings

If you want to check what commenting settings you have set on your blog first go into your wordpress admin account.  You can go to WordPress.com and click on My Site and then Settings->Discussion and follow the same instructions below or go into WP admin area which I find is much easier to navigate and use for all wordpress blogging.

To go into the WP admin area type your blog’s name into the address bar and add /wp-admin at the end of it.  So my blog’s address should be:


Now you’ll be in the WP Admin Dashboard.  Scroll down until you see the ‘Settings’ option on the left.  Hover over or click on the settings option and then select ‘Discussion’

Click on ‘settings’ and then ‘discussion’.

Once in the discussion settings you can change various things but let’s concentrate on ‘Other Comment Settings’.  If you want people to be able to comment using just their email addresses then click the box.  Also make sure you don’t tick the ‘Users must be registered and logged in to comment’ box if you want to allow social media commenting, otherwise only WordPress users will be able to comment.

Tick and un-tick the relevant boxes and then save settings.

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom and ‘save settings’ before exiting this page.  By default WordPress allows users to comment using their email or Twitter, Facebook and Google+ so there’s no need to worry if you’ve never visited the Settings->Discussion section of your site.

I hope some of this post has helped navigating the WordPress world a little easier.  If you have Twitter, Facebook or Google+ users following your blog let them know about this feature so they can comment with their names and avatars visible 🙂

Has this post helped you at all?  Would you like me to do more of these ‘help’ posts?

Check me out in other places around the web! 🙂

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June 2017 Round-up (Sorry I’ve been away!) #MPBooks

A sum up of June and what to look forward to in July.

Reading in bed
Image from Pexels.com

Hi everyone!  Sorry for being away for this past week.  I’ve been busy, busy sorting out a few things and ran out of posts to schedule on this blog.  I’ve been posting daily at 9am on here but if I run out of content then it just stops so I might have to rethink when I post so there’s always something coming soon for you to read.

Apart from a hectic few days I’ve been dealing with a bit of a copyright issue.  Some of you on social media might have seen me ranting on about this but for those that don’t know, my previous blog is still up online (containing all sorts of book reviews and other things) and a review from there was used by a publisher for promotion.  Long story short – they credited some other site instead of mine which left me both a bit upset and frustrated with how long it’s taking to sort it out.  I’m still talking it out with them and hopefully the trouble will be resolved soon but I’ll let you know what happens.

So this month was a great month for this blog!  I’ve written some articles/discussion posts as well as read some great books and of course some poetry.

This month’s highlights…

Books in bed
Click on the picture to read this post!

I love the fact that my May article What Makes a Young Adult book Versus Just Adult? is my most popular to date!  It’s the most popular post of June and I hope you all enjoyed reading it.  I’m thinking of follow up posts at the moment to go into more detail about YA books and others!

In June I wrote two articles one focussing on books Paper or Digital? I gave my personal experience of the two and which one I ultimately prefer.  Please read it if you haven’t already and let me know which you prefer 🙂   I’ve also got a special thank you for that post as it’s had the most shares to date from Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn!  So thank you to everyone who shared it ❤ 🙂

Grenfell Tower Wide imageThe other article I wrote focused on the terrible fire in a tower block which left many people dead and the survivors without homes.  There was controversy surrounding the fire and I wrote my own opinion and feelings about this in Was Grenfell Tower a Disaster Waiting to Happen?

June book highlights…

Apart from articles I wrote some more poetry, both happy and sad and lots more book reviews although I admit most of my ‘June book hauls’ haven’t yet been reviewed in June 😮  Sorry, I’ve been behind this month but hopefully will catch up now in July.  So which books were my favourites of June?  These 😀  :

A Singular Baptism book cover

A Singular Baptism A hilarious comedy of errors.  This book is pure farce and perfect for those who want to enjoy a good laugh at some silly over the top situations.  It has a great ending that’s just a little bit heart-warming too 🙂


The Lost Sentinel book coverThe Lost Sentinel The first in the ‘Silent Sea Chronicles’ this book is perfect for dark fantasy lovers.  It’s so engrossing and so dark that you just can’t predict what will happen, including some very unexpected deaths! 😮


Julius Zebra Bundle with the Britons book coverJulius Zebra: Bundle with the Britons Although aimed at a middle grade/older children audience, this was just so silly that I loved it!  It’s a silly story based in Roman Times but it’s not at all serious and has some great and funny illustrations.


Kancil The Mouse Deer book coverKancil The Mouse Deer This children’s picture book is short but a little like ‘The Gruffalo’ and I think I just fell in love with the illustrations even more than the story, though that is cute and fun too.


And June’s favourite poem…

Bouquet on floor

This month’s favourite poem Life With You is the first I’ve written on this blog that’s with a twist!  It’s had quite a few views and amazingly shares on wordpress as well as other places.  It’s also the first poem I’ve written that hasn’t completely followed my usual 1,2,3,2 or 1,2,1,2 rhyming style so I’d love to know what you think of it if you haven’t already read it.  Be warned it’s emotional though!

Plan for next month

Those of you who are observant might have seen that I haven’t kept up the #MondayMotivation posts every week.  I’ll admit it’s been hard for me to keep these up.  I guess I’m just not that motivated lol! :p  I think motivation posts are things that I can write but just not once a week.  there are other bloggers far better at these sorts of posts than I am.  I’m still going to keep up with some #MondayMotivation posts but maybe limiting it to one or two a month.  I’m still thinking about the details 🙂

As for reading, I’ve got a ton of that to do!  Lots of books already to read including some big releases coming up like ‘The Upstairs Room’ and ‘Nemesis’ in paperback which I am reading soon as well as all those books I still have from June’s book haul.

As well as all that I’m still going to bring you some poetry and colouring and anything else that I feel like writing.  I’ve got lots of articles/discussion posts planned in my head, some for readers, some for writers and some purely random things so hopefully I’ll get those written and out this month.  I’ll also send news of what’s happened to that previous wrongfully credited review…Copyright issues and stuff going on there – no fun :/  I might even go into more detail about my old blog and reasons for starting over.

I hope you all have a great July and that your June was a great one!

Let me know what your highlights of June have been and what you’re planning for July.  I’d love to hear from you!

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Blog Celebration! #MPBooks

My Peacock Books celebration banner

I have something to celebrate on this blog!  I have officially reached 100 wordpress followers! 😮 😀

100 followers badge
100 WordPress followers!

I got this fancy badge in a notification today and just wanted to spread the joy!

But that’s not the only news my blog has and I also have two other milestones!


500 likes badge


This badge came a few days before the 100 followers badge and I know it might mean little to some people, I’m really happy to get any kind of badge 🙂


1000 visits
Over 1000 hits!

The last little ‘yay’ moment has been My Peacock Books reaching 1000 visits to the blog!

Okay, so these milestones aren’t exactly huge, and I used to run a blog that had waaay more hits and followers than this one does, but for a blog that only began in April and hardly had any visits in the first weeks, I’m very happy with these badges and hope that more people will visit, like and comment on this blog 🙂

I’d like to thank every single person who’s made a visit to this blog and especially to my wonderful followers.  If it wasn’t for you guys this website would be a kind of diary rather than a blog and I really appreciate every single one of you and your visits and comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤

Image of My Peacock Books logo
Phoenix the Peacock


Oh and Phoenix says ‘Thank you’ too 🙂




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