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#Poetry: Dark Cavity #MPBooks

Cat in snow hole
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After seeing the daily prompt word was Cavity, I decided to search for the word ‘cavity’ on The above picture was part of the search results and the following poem came about from my mind. But I have to warn you it’s not a happy one and may upset some people, though it’s an issue close to my heart so I felt it needed to be voiced. ❤Read More »

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#Poetry: A Brilliant Idea! #MPBooks

An idea
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Has this ever happened to you?…

A Brilliant Idea!

I had a brilliant idea today,
Of blog post for you to read,
One that would make you smile,
Make you click on it in your feed.

But then a knock at the door,
Distracted me for a while,
And when I returned to write,
I dropped my very smile.

What was I going to write,
Oh, what was I going to say,
Write a funny story,
An article or a play?

I’d forgotten all the words,
The very core of my post,
I thought I could remember,
Think back…..Almost.

But no, they were now gone,
Never to be here returned,
I should have written it down,
A painful lesson learned.

So here is what I wrote,
A little poem for you instead,
Maybe you’ll think it funny,
Or a balloon filled with lead.

So has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever had to substitute a post or write something different because you forgot what you were going to write?  Let me know I love hearing from you 🙂

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#Poetry: The Real Me? #MPBooks

Blank faced woman
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Hello everyone.  I’m afraid I’m a bit behind since New Year with getting out my posts.  They are coming but I’ve been away and so it’s taking longer than planned.  Anyway, just a quick poem for you today.  Please be aware that this is a poem on the darker side, in case you are not a fan of that type.  Enjoy 🙂

The Real Me?

Did I share a part of myself,
Or would I run and hide?
Bared all and told truth,
Or wrote pretends and lied?

Did I open up myself,
Or close you off from mind?
Let you see the truth inside,
Or leave all me to find?

Did you enter inside heart,
Or would I put defence?
Let you touch deep within,
Or make space between dense?

Did you ever see true me,
Or would I keep apart?
Let you be so close to soul,
Or close away my heart?

Inspired by the daily prompt Reservation.

Did you enjoy the poem?  Do you have reservations about people or things?  Let me know any and all thoughts I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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Cat covering eyes

The Gremlins in my Head #MPBooks

Cat covering eyes
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For most of yesterday I’ve been feeling like the cat in the picture.  I’ve had a splitting headache, found it hard to function and am struggling hard to shut out thoughts of guilt and sadness which have plagued me since I started coming down with something a few days ago.

I don’t like to admit I’m not feeling good, but the truth is that although the last few days of last week I’d been feeling positive, I started to come down with something and it seems relentless in wanting to put me on bed rest.  I feel like I’ve got a sleeping sickness, I’m just so tired all the time and when I sleep, which has been for most of the last two days, I don’t feel refreshed at all 😦

Though I suspect (and hope) that all I’ve come down with is a nasty virus or similar, it’s the negative impact on my mood that’s really worried me.  I try to keep myself cheerful and upbeat, in fact I want to feel positive, but something inside, almost like a disconnected thing is trying to bring my mood down and bring in all these horrible negative thoughts which ultimately plunge me into depression.

Sometimes it’s been so easy for me in the past to give in to these thoughts, to embrace the pain and horrible feeling they give me of guilt and upset.  It’s been so easy to give up, to let go, to enter that dark realm of dark thoughts that spiral me ever further into a place I can’t crawl back from.  It’s a place, a realm, I’ve sometimes been almost eager to enter, not happy with my own life, my own existence, I’ve found it hard to even want to grab the sides of the long dark pit and crawl out.

But despite that horrid darkness, I stop.  I stop myself going there again.

It doesn’t always work out this way, of course, sometimes I relish being in that realm and enjoy breathing in the mind-choking air, but now I’m discovering I’m stronger than I think.  I can resist the urge to fall into that dark pit, or at the least I hover past its entrance, look down and fight that will to put myself there, to accept that I have to feel that way just because everything in my life seems to want me to.

Today, although I still feel ill and an incredible guilt is filling me for not being able to keep up my personal commitment to check in with all you wonderful people and your blogs, I still resist the urge to get fully depressed.  It’s almost like I’m fighting myself and the happy me is winning this battle.  I refuse to let the depression take hold, to let it throw me into that pit, to make me resist the urge to leave.  Today I am okay.

Does this mean it’s not possible to become depressed like that again?  No.  It just means that today, I’m coping better than I used to with this thing, and I’m determined to not let it control me.

Well I went off-topic here, waaay off-topic and wrote something from the heart based on my emotions and how I’m feeling today.  I am still feeling ill and this post was a real depiction of how I feel and became far more raw than I thought it would be.  I’ll be posting up a lot of book review posts the coming days which I’ve prepared so I can sleep off this (hopefully a virus) thing.  
  Inspired by the daily prompt: Gremlins

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Seagull silhouette

#WordlessWednesday: Seagull Silhouette #MPBooks #Photography #Photo #Art

Seagull silhouette
“On my throne!” – Seagull silhouette © My Peacock Books

I thought this would sit nicely with the daily prompt of ‘nest‘ 🙂 !  What do you think?  While I’m not sure the seagull is actually nesting here, birds are notorious for finding many places to nest including man made structures like this.

What do you think of this picture?  Please do comment, I’d love to hear from you 🙂  You can also find me in these places: 

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Scared Eye

#ShortStory: Her Presence #Halloween #MPBooks

Scared Eye
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Happy Halloween everyone!  Something a little different for you today.  This is a special post for Halloween.  A very short story (the first I’ve ever shared here) which I do hope you’ll enjoy.  It’s a bit different, maybe a bit silly (though nothing inappropriate despite where some minds might think this is going 😛 ), but I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to know what you think, good or bad.  You can really be honest, I don’t mind.  Happy Halloween everyone! 🙂

Her Presence

He awoke with a sudden jolt, his eyes still closed, he knew something wasn’t right. She made her presence known to him.

He felt her rub against his leg playfully before making her way to his chest.  He could feel her body wrap around his, her spirit seducing him with its intensity. She was restless.

He felt her move upwards, towards his face.  He knew what she was going to do, she did it every morning.

He always gave in, she always won. But not this time, he wouldn’t allow it.

He couldn’t let it happen, not again. He wouldn’t let her do it, he would not open his eyes.

It’s how she would win, that intense stare, those beautiful hypnotic eyes boring into his heart, melting his very soul until he could do nothing but give in.

But not this time. He wouldn’t let her win. If only he could keep his eyes closed, perhaps he’d fall back asleep and she’d have no choice, she would have to leave him be.

But as he felt something soft brush his chin, he already knew it was too late. She was upon him. Those beautiful mesmerising green eyes looking lovingly at his, her intensity urging him to open them, to see her beauty, to hear her message.

He gave in. He looked at her. She was so beautiful, so close, her eyes were all that he could see, but it was enough.  Her message became clear in his mind.

A dreaded feeling filled his body as he remembered.  He realised the truth.  A truth he could no longer ignore.

She had won.  And now she would collect her prize.

He sat up  and nodded.  He knew what he had to do.

Tomorrow he would win.  Tomorrow he would sleep late.  But today was hers.   She would feast.  He got up and headed downstairs.  She had won, he would feed her, he would feed his cat.

So did you enjoy this  fluffy tale?    Let me know what you think?  Scary, weird, silly or not?  All comments welcome as long as they aren’t rude 🙂  Happy Halloween everyone!  Don’t forget you can also find me in these places: 

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