#Poetry: How Many Times? #MPBooks

A short but dark poem inspired by the daily prompt.

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I had a bit of a bad day yesterday (depressive thoughts and feelings) and turned to writing as an outlet.  The result is this dark poem.  The good news is that it lifted my mood to post this, as if the writing of my dark thoughts leave me when I write.  I hope it is well received despite the darkness of it.

How Many Times?

How many times did I, let you inside?
Spent life afraid, wanting to hide.
Why did I let you, say those things to me?
Blinded by love, expecting you to see.
How could you take, control of my life?
Forgot who I was, more than just a wife.
Why didn’t I see, that I could simply leave?
Made me think no-one, would want to ever grieve.
How many times did I, let you get inside?
Too late to count now, I’ve already died.

Poem inspired by the daily prompt word Total (as in ‘total number of times…’)

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#Poetry: The Real You #MPBooks

A darker poem for National Poetry Month

A quick word of warning for all who are new to following me.  Although I do have a happy demeanor, I also write a lot of darker poetry.  It’s a good outlet for my mind and thoughts as I’ve suffered through some tough times.  This is one of those darker poems.

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The Real You

The truth of your heart was plain to see,
To all outside but never to me.
I was blinded by your words, your trust,
Never believing they’d turn to rust.
I consumed the lies every time you said,
Things would change, stop the dread.
My head would scream, my heart deny,
Believe the secret, tears I’d cry.
Let myself ignore what’s true,
The love I wished came not from you.
Deaf to all who tried to show,
What truth was real, what I should know.
Now too late no time to mend,
But got their wish, for this to end.
Only regret I have in my soul,
You ended it, my life you stole.

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