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#PhotoChallenge: An Unlikely Urban Visitor #MPBooks #Photo #Photography

MPB Pheasant
An unlikely visitor! Image © My Peacock Books

A walk in the suburbs, not too far from a town centre, was an uneventful thing, something I’d done many times where I used to live.Read More »

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#PhotoChallenge: Inner City Clown #MPBooks #Photo #Photography #Art

Happy pigeon
A Happy pigeon – smile © My Peacock Books

The photo challenge for this week is the word smile and I can’t help but smile every time I see one of these guys in the town or city.  I know plenty of people see pigeons as pests but I’ll never forget the hoard of pigeons that flocked around me when I visited Trafalgar Square in London as a child.  Pigeons are banned from there these days but back then there were stalls set up that sold cups of seeds just so you could feed the delightful and often silly birds.

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