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#PhotoChallenge: Inner City Clown #MPBooks #Photo #Photography #Art

Happy pigeon
A Happy pigeon – smile © My Peacock Books

The photo challenge for this week is the word smile and I can’t help but smile every time I see one of these guys in the town or city.  I know plenty of people see pigeons as pests but I’ll never forget the hoard of pigeons that flocked around me when I visited Trafalgar Square in London as a child.  Pigeons are banned from there these days but back then there were stalls set up that sold cups of seeds just so you could feed the delightful and often silly birds.

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Pedestrian Pigeons

#Photo Challenge: Pedestrian Pigeons #Photography #MPBooks

Pedestrian Pigeons
Pedestrian Pigeons – Image © My Peacock Books

This is the first photo challenge I’ve ever done on wordpress so I hope everyone likes it.  The theme for this week’s challenge is pedestrian and I have my own little take on the pedestrian world – pigeons!  Love them or hate them (I personally love them) they are part of our towns and cities and help clean up the crumbs of food dropped on the street.  They’re also intelligent birds…well some of the time 😛 🙂

I actually love watching pigeons, I even visited Trafangar Square in London when I was younger.  Back them it was famous for the birds and stalls sold seed you could feed to them, I had several eating from my hands!!  They are smart and resilient birds which should be given some respect.  Pigeon chicks look very strange, by the way, different from most chicks which look a little cuter, and I think we’d all like them a little bit more if we saw more positive nature programs about them.  🙂

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope this image has brightened up your morning, and I hope you have a great week!

What to you think of my picture?  Does it speak ‘pedestrian’ to you?  What would you put for this week’s photo challenge?  Please let me know your thoughts I’d love to hear from you 🙂 You can also follow me in these places: 

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