Does Editing in Books Matter? #MPBooks

How do you feel about books with typos and other errors in them? Does it bother you or do you not care?

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Does spelling and grammar matter when reading a book? Are you not bothered when you see the odd grammar mistake, or does a mere apostrophe in the wrong place drive you crazy? Would it really matter to you if books are well edited or not?

Over the weekend I tried to read a science fiction novel but after getting through 70 pages I had to stop. The book wasn’t terrible, in fact the story itself seemed interesting but what spoilt my enjoyment was the lack of editing. It wasn’t just things I personally hate, such as the over use of adverbs and a general monotonous tone to the narration, but it was those silly and very avoidable mistakes, things like apostrophes and commas in the wrong places, characters suddenly being called by different names and even the odd spelling error in simple words. The more and more I read on, the more and more the book became unreadable until I finally put it down as I just couldn’t take seeing another error anymore.

I know I may be fussier than many people, but the fact is I don’t like seeing errors in books. In all the books I’ve read in the past, in the years before I started blogging, I never found more than a handful of errors, in fact it was usually just a missing full stop or quotation mark, and I honestly can say I could count the number of errors I’d spotted on one hand!  Now maybe I wasn’t as observant as I am now but seeing so few errors in the past, I do find it annoying when I see more and more books filled with them these days, even the most simple ones which could be avoided. But am I the only one that feels this way?

Now, although I do have a good grasp of English grammar, I am not the grammar police, despite what I’ve said I’m not 100% perfect at grammar myself. I don’t care if people misspell things and use bad grammar in a casual sense, I also don’t mind blogs that have typos and issues because I’m guilty of it myself. I even expect some newspapers to have errors as they don’t have much time to read through before publishing. But when it comes to books I can’t help but feel that typos and grammar mistakes just shouldn’t be there and if they are it just reflects badly on the publisher or author.

From what I have seen the number of errors in books is rising, especially with more self-published and indie presses. The book I had to put down and mark as DNF (did not finish) was by a small indie publisher. I’d been given the book for a review. But now I’m left feeling frustrated because as a book blogger I have to go back to them and tell them why I couldn’t finish (do I really tell them it’s because they aren’t good at proofreading, or do I just go with the standard ‘I didn’t get along with it’ line?)

But am I being fussy for nothing? Is it just me that feels this way about books? Should we all be lenient these days when it comes to typos and grammar errors? Or does it spoil your enjoyment of a book if it’s riddled with errors?

Please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear some other opinions 🙂

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#BookReview: Goodnight Everyone by Chris Haughton #MPBooks

A fun and very colourful bedtime picture book for children.

Goodnight Everyone book coverTitle: Goodnight Everyone

Author/Illustrator: Chris Haughton

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Children’s picture book

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Description: The sun is going down and everyone is sleepy.  Well…almost everyone.  There’s still one Little Bear, who is very wide-awake…

My Review: This is a lovely bedtime book I’m sure many young children will enjoy. I haven’t seen or read any of Chris Haughton’s other books before, but I love the illustrations in this and the simple message of everyone going to sleep. The paperback copy is around A4 in size, a little wider and a little shorter, with thick and colourful matt pages inside

‘Goodnight Everyone’ starts with the sun going down and everyone is getting sleepy. But Little Bear isn’t tired and doesn’t want to go to sleep yet. Although the rest of the book has full pages, there are some half pages at the start of the story which I’ve tried to show in the photos I have taken. It’s a fun way of turning the pages and showing all the animals getting sleepy. The story itself is very simple and not much of a story, with Little Bear soon feeling sleepy himself. The whole book has a lot of fun repetition of wishing the animals goodnight.

Lovely colourful pages.

The illustrations are what I really enjoy about this book. They are so simple and yet the expressions on the animals faces are easy to see. I love the block shape of Great Big Bear’s legs and the whole way that all the animals are made out of simple coloured shapes. The colours in this book are great too. The book has an amazing amount of colour, with purple, orange, green and blue being the main colours in use. Some people might find the colours a little strong but I think kids really enjoy a colourful book and I know as a child I would have loved this book’s illustrations.

Interesting page with several sections.

The book has a lovely end which is obviously predictable, but there’s also and added extra on the first and last pages. At the front, before the story begins there is a picture of the southern night sky. This is a complete image of all the star constellations, and is a clear illustration. The back of the book features the Northern night sky with a special extra image where ursa minor and major are shown. I love this added extra, it not only is a fun little extra image to add to the book, but makes this something kids can look at when they are older too, if they want to learn the star constellations in the future.

Simple fun images and easy to read text.

I really do love this book, I know I would have loved it when I was younger. The colours, the shapes and the fun and simple story make this the perfect book to read to kids, especially if like Little Bear, they don’t feel sleepy yet.
-Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy.

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#Cats Really do Sell! #MPBooks

Some funny adverts from around the world featuring cats. A fun post for Sunday.

Laughing cat
So hilarious even this cat is laughing! – Image from

I had planned on brining you an article/discussion post today but there’s been a lot of noise going on near where I live recently (works being done and such) which just turns my brain into mush so instead I though I’d bring you a fun post to brighten up your Sunday instead.

I recently found an advert online for Netto and it made me laugh as it featured cats, so I wanted to show you a few cat adverts from around the world.  It seems cats are used more and more in selling things these days.  There are many ads online featuring animals and especially cats.  Whether animated or not I can’t help but agree that these ads probably DO have an impact on sales.  so here’s 4 ads featuring cats 🐱 , the last will be fun for anyone to watch, cat lover or not and all of them are under 5 minutes long (for those of you with bandwidth issues 🙂 )

First up the ad that made me laugh this week.  This is for the German supermarket Netto:

This is a video made up of Japanese shorts.  There is a longer version of the below ad featuring descriptions which can be accessed on YouTube, but that ad is a bit long at over 5 minutes and this shorter one is a little funnier anyway and just shows the cats in action, running a Pizza Hut franchise:

Here’s another ad from Japan.  It’s kind of a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of ad for  some chewing gum (I think).  No idea what to think of it though o_O  !!!

And here’s a final ad that’ll appeal to everybody, cat lover or not, it’s just so funny!  Happy Sunday everyone 😀 😎

Do you like cats?  What about cats in adverts?  Did you find any of these fun or did the ads work on you?  Let me know what you thought I’d love to hear from you.  (Also let me know if you had any problems with watching the videos – I want to make sure I’m not posting anything unwatchable 🙂 ) 

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#BookReview: They Didn’t Teach This in Worm School! by Simone Lia #MPBooks

A very funny middle grade book with a silly story but a great message of friendship.

They Didn't Teach This in Worm School book coverTitle: They Didn’t Teach This in Worm School!

Author/Illustrator: Simone Lia

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Children’s/Middle Grade, Humour

Feathers: One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather

Description: Marcus is a worm.  He likes the colour brown.  He likes mud (because it’s brown).  And he likes digging holes in the mud-brown earth.  But when Marcus meets Laurence (a scruffy, fat bird who looks a lot like a chicken…and thinks he’s a flamingo!), he comes face to face with his worst fear.  Marcus has two choices: Survive.  Or be slurped up like piece of spaghetti…

My Review: I really love this book.  It’s so funny and silly and has some great messages about friendship too.  Marcus is a worm and likes to do worm things, but one day he ends up on a plate in front of a bird.  About to become the bird’s breakfast he does the only thing he can…he says hello.

The story in this book is silly with Marcus the worm getting to know Laurence the bird and agreeing to help him go on a journey.  I don’t want to give away the plot but this book is just really funny and daft.  The book is told from Marcus’s point of view and is written in the first person.  Every page of the book is filled with funny moments.  The whole way the book is narrated and Marcus tells it is funny, there’s never a moment that isn’t and the illustrations just add to the humour.

Some funny illustrations.

There are pictures throughout the story and there isn’t a page in the book that doesn’t have an image around the text.  The illustrations are all black and white and grey with the exception of the pink used to colour Marcus and a few other things.  I really like the style of the pictures and especially the way that Marcus looks with no outline and that cute little face.

Funny images around the text.

The story has a great message of friendship wrapped around the humour and I especially liked the ending which is of course funny but also quite heartwarming too.   I enjoy a lot of funny children’s books but this is one of my favourites, there were moments I actually laughed aloud, especially when the ‘Eiffel Tower’ made an appearance.  I think plenty of adults would really enjoy reading this every bit as much as kids would and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a book to cheer up their day.  It’s definitely a story I’ll be reading again in the future!
-Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy.

Do you enjoy funny books?  Would this book be one that you’d want to read?  Let me know I’d love to hear from you.  You can also find me in these places 🙂 : 

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#BookReview: My First 123 by Shirley Hughes #MPBooks

An excellent children’s book for learning numbers.

My First 123 book coverTitle: My First 123

Author/Illustrator: Shirley Hughes

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Young Children’s picture book

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Description: Learning to count is easy – at the seaside, on the bus, playing with friends or at home with Mum.  It’s fun learning to count anytime, anywhere, as Katie and her little brother Olly discover.

My Review:  This is a great book that teaches young kids how to count to ten. Katie and her baby brother teach kids how to count, with lots of great pictures and an easy way for kids to learn to count. Each page or double page represents one number. The number is shown in the top left hand corner of the book along with dots, as many large dots as the number represents, so three dots for the number 3. Below the number is a fun illustration showing the number in use such as four kittens. There is also a short description with the number shown in letters (two instead of 2) in bold print. Each page gives kids several ways to remember each number and I love the way this book does this so simply.

Fun and clear images

The illustrations in this book are very fun but also have a dated feel. The characters all have clothes and a look that says ’80s to me despite this being printed more recently. This is due to the fact that Katie and Olly first appeared in children’s books in the ’80s but I don’t know if this would put off some young kids today. At the back of the book as well as the first double page before the main ‘story’ there is a diagram, a sort of index of each of the numbers. The number as well as a set of dots and a little picture give kids more chances to count and I really like this little index.

More fun images to help with understanding numbers

I do like this book, much more than Shirley Hughes ‘My First ABC’. Despite the old-fashioned pictures I really do like the way this book makes it so easy for kids to remember their numbers up to 10. There are so many chances to count, either the dots or the objects in the picture and having the numbers written in letters too makes this a great book for kids and one I think I would have liked as a child. Overall a great first numbers book!

The fun index! 🙂

-Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy.

What do you think of this book?  Any other numbers books or books for young children that you like?  Let me know I’d love to hear from you.  You can also find me in these places 🙂 : 

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#Colouring #BookReview: Millie Marotta’s Curious Creatures #MPBooks

A beautiful and detailed adult colouring book.

Millie Marotta Curious Creatures book coverTitle: Curious Creatures

Author/Illustrator: Millie Marotta

Publisher: Batsford

Genre: Colouring book

Feathers: One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather

My Review: Once again another Millie Marotta book does not disappoint! I’ve bought every Millie Marotta book I can since I first discovered them and this book is just as great as the rest but with lots of new creatures to colour in. ‘Curious Creatures’ is all about animals, be they fish, birds, insects or mammals, and each page or double page spread contains lots of intricate designs which I just love to colour in.

Interesting range of different creatures to colour in.

The book is the same size and thickness as her other books (or Johanna Basford’s books),wider than A4 but shorter, and contains so many pages that even for full price you are getting a bargain in terms of how much there is to colour! Each page is crisp white and nice and thick enough to colour using pens although being double sided I’d always be careful not overdoing the amount of felt pens or gel pens you use in one spot. I’ve only use pencils in my book.

More pretty and detailed images to colour.

Every picture in the book is a realistic outline of the real animal with lots of fun and detailed shapes inside it to colour in. Some of the images just have random shapes, while other animals are made from lots of leaves which just looks amazing! The animals really vary in this book and there’s plenty I’ve never seen before. My favourites include the weed sea dragons, narwhal and the kiwi. Some of the images have extra details in them such as leaves while others have blank around them. I love the blank spaces as it gives me the chance to doodle in my own drawings and there’s also a few pages at the back of the book for creating your own images which some people who enjoy drawing as well as colouring, like me, will love!
One thing I’ve noticed which I think is an improvement on the first Millie Marotta book, Animal Kingdom, is the slight increase in the size of the shapes that make up the animals. It’s not a drastic increase and there’s still as much detail to colour in but the first book had such small shapes you couldn’t always colour individual ones in easily with pencils (you’d need incredibly sharp pencils all the time).

Sharks! 🙂

The start of the book features an introduction by Marotta which as always is nice to read and the back of the book has list of all the animals that feature in the book which is great as I didn’t know what some of the birds were especially the mandarin duck.

I really love this book. I’ve barely coloured in anything and I’ve already spent hours on this and I just love it! I can’t say a bad thing about this book. Maybe it’s a little tricky to get into the centre of the book especially when colouring in a double page spread, but the book’s spine opens easily (might want to push/crack it open) and lies quite flat on a surface. It doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve included some pictures including my own colouring in with pencils. This book is just great, I can’t wait for the next one!

Here’s a coloured in picture.  Tell me what you think of my colouring 🙂 …

Millie Marotta Curious Creatures sea dragon
My own colouring 🙂

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#Colouring: Animal Kingdom Budgie #WordlessWednesday #MPBooks

A colourful budgie to brighten up your day 🙂

I have a new colouring book review to bring you tomorrow by the amazing Millie Marotta, her books never fail to please me!  But for now I wanted to share a very colourful budgie to cheer up your Wednesday.  This image comes from ‘Animal Kingdom’ (not the book I’m reviewing tomorrow).  I know my photography skills leave something to be desired (need a new camera) but I hope you can still enjoy the image.  Please let me know what you think?  Does it cheer you up?  Do you enjoy colouring and in particular the Millie Marotta books?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Animal Kingdom Budgie
A Beautiful Budgie 🙂 ❤
Animal Kingdom Budgie image two
Here’s a close up, hope it’s not too fuzzy 🙂

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