GDPR: What Should You Do As A Blogger? #MPBooks

From 25th May 2018 a new EU regulation comes into law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Many of us have already heard of this new regulation, it was officially passed in 2016 but only becomes law from 25th May 2018. The new regulation is a good thing for anyone living in the EU as it gives you more control and transparency over how your personal data is kept and used by businesses and different companies who provide goods and services, but did you know that as a blogger you also need to comply with new GDPR rules, even if you’re not an EU citizen?

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Do You Have a Blog? Yes? Then, are You GDPR Ready?

A lot of people have been talking about GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation which is the new EU regulations that come into force today: 25th May. From today every single blog (whether you’re in the EU or not!) which has visitors from the EU will have to comply with new GDPR privacy policy.

I’d heard of GDPR for some time, it’s supposed to keep those of us in the EU safer with clearer information on how our data is collected and stored and we have more rights over its use and deletion (if that’s what we want). But did you know that every blog, yes even free blogs, should have a privacy policy if you have any EU visitors using your site? I certainly didn’t and only put together my own privacy policy last night, working until 2am to get it worded just right.

I plan to bring you a special extra post later on the details of GDPR and who exactly is affected and which blogs require more regulations than others, but I haven’t had the time to write it up as I’ve only just finished doing my own privacy policy and then I headed to bed! I have added additional information on giveaways and competitions, for my own policy, which I have planned coming up soon for this blog.

In the meantime while I get writing up on GDPR I just wanted to send the wordpress world a WARNING that even if you are out of the EU but expect EU visitors you have to comply with the privacy policy. Don’t be afraid, many of us aren’t ready for GDPR and it’s likely that plenty of us don’t have privacy policies yet, but it’s something we should all have so be warned. Please Don’t copy mine word for word as it’ll be obvious and everyone’s sites are a little different but I’ll try to get this next post out as fast as possible, and I’ll share my interpretation of the rules and the importance of this and what exactly you should include.

Thank you and please do share this post and the next one I write if you want to know more on GDPR 🙂

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#BookReview: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Let’s Discover Bugs #MPBooks

We're Going on a Bear hunt Let's discover Bugs book coverTitle: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Let’s Discover Bugs

Author: Andrea Cascardi

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Children’s activity book – Colouring, Stickers, things to do

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Description: There’s so much to discover when you step into the wonderful world of bugs!
Fun facts about common flies, mighty beetles, beautiful butterflies and more.
Top tips on bug-finding, packing for an adventure and where to go.
Recipes, games and colour-in-your-own sticker activities.Read More »

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#BookReview: Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman #MPBooks

Thunderhead book coverTitle: Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe #2)

Author: Neal Shusterman

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Young adult/teen, Science fiction, Thriller, Dystopian


Description: Professional scythes control death.  The Thunderhead controls everything else.  It’s the perfect system.  Until it isn’t.
It’s been a year since Rowan went off-grid.  Hunted by the Scythedom, he as become an urban legend, a vigilante sniffing out corrupt scythes.  Citra, meanwhile, is forging her path as Scythe Anastasia, gleaning with compassion.  However, conflict amongst the scythes is growing, and when Citra’s life is threatened, it becomes clear that there is a truly terrifying plot afoot.
The Thunderhead observes everything, and it does not like what it sees.  Will it intervene?  Or will is simply watch as this perfect world begins to unravel?Read More »

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#BookReview: Can’t Catch Me! by Timothy Knapman & Simona Ciraolo #MPBooks

Can't Catch Me book coverTitle: Can’t Catch Me!

Author: Timothy Knapman

Illustrator: Simona Cirolo

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Children’s picture book

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Description: This is Jake, the fastest mouse in the world.  NO ONE can catch him.  Not the fox, not the wolf, not even the bear.  Poor Old Tom Cat doesn’t stand a chance.  Or…does he?Read More »

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#BookReview: Judy Moody Saves the World! by Megan McDolnald & Peter H. Reynolds #MPBooks

Judy Moody Saves the World book coverTitle: Judy Moody Saves the World!

Author: Megan McDonald

Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Children’s/middle grade fiction, humour

Feathers: One My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books featherOne My Peacock Books feather


Description: Where would the world be without Judy Moody?
Learning about the destruction of the rainforest puts Judy in the mood to whip the planet into shape.  Someone needs to save the world, and she’s the girl to do it!
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