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#BookReview: Where’s Wally? Games on the Go! by Martin Handford #MPBooks

Where's Wally Games on the Go book coverTitle: Where’s Wally?  Games on the Go!  Puzzles, Activities & Searches

Author/Illustrator: Martin Handford

Publisher: Walker Books

Genre: Puzzle, Activity book

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Description:  Perfect for Wally Watchers on the go!  This travel activity book is packed with truly terrific puzzles, quizzes, mazes and searches – plus a bonus fold-out Wally board game.  The fun never stops with Where’s Wally?

My Review:  This is such a fun activity book for anyone who loves Where’s Wally! I love the new travel books from Where’s Wally and this one really doesn’t disappoint as there’s a few different things to do than just to search for Wally and his friends. The book is A5 in size and is a sort of semi-hardback with thick matt pages filled with colourful images and things to do inside. The inside back cover holds the extra board game that’s included with this book and there’s a handy blue elastic band to help keep the book, and that board game, nice and safe when travelling.

Where's Wally Games on the Go image one showing the book closed
The book is closed with an material elastic to keep it safe while travelling

Inside there’s a lot to do. This book is called ‘Games on the Go!’ and whether you’re new to Where’s Wally or someone who’s got every book, there’s definitely something new and fun to do in this book. Wally and each of his friends, Wally, Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard and Odlaw, introduce their individual sections/chapters which are filled with activities geared towards each character, such as bone and animal related activities in Woof’s section. The activities are varied and although they are meant for kids, I found it fun as an adult to do them. There are lots of different puzzles like crosswords and word wheels to name a few. There are mazes, spot the difference, matching things together and in Odlaw’s segment there’s even some colouring to do! As well as these puzzles there is also a lot of Where’s Wally images to search and find things. There’s a lot to search for and typical to Where’s Wally there’s mention of extra things to find once you’ve completed each section, giving you a reason to go back and look again.

Where's Wally Games on the Go image two showing a page of things to find
Lot’s of different activities, or course plenty of things to search for 🙂
Where's Wally Games on the Go image three showing diffent activities to do on each page
Some more activities, very different from the last

At the back of the book is a fun board game with everything you need to play the game. There are two small cards with which have perforations so you can separate all the pieces, there are activity cards, dice pieces and counters. The board game itself is a piece of thick card that is folded in four and ends up being a little bigger than A4 in size when flattened. The game is a typical board game where you race from start to finish but you put the dice pieces (which are pieces of card with different numbers of dots on them) into a bag and then pick a random piece, move that amount of spaces forward and complete anything that is mentioned on the board including doing some fun activities mentioned on the cards. These Wally card activities all involve saying a Where’s Wally related tongue twister over and over before moving on. The game is more fun played with more people but it’s a nice little game for at least two people and a fun extra to add to this already jam-packed book!

Where's Wally Games on the Go image four showing the pull outboard game and counters slotted into the back of the book
On the inside of the back page there is the extra board game and game counters!
Where's Wally Games on the Go image five showing the fold out board game and all the counters
Lot’s of fun to have with friends while you play! 😀

I really love Where’s Wally and this new book just adds yet more fun activities to do with Wally. I have a lot of books of Where’s Wally now but this one is a definite favourite as I love doing all the activities and enjoy the fun board game. Of course the activities are made more for children than adults, I still find myself enjoying them! And of course there’s still so many hours that can be spent just staring at the detailed images with so much happening. A great book I’d recommend.
-Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy.

What do you think of this latest instalment in the Where’s Wally series?  Do you enjoy Where’s Wally books?  What about activity and puzzles books in general?  Please let me know any thoughts you have in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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